Day 13- Sam updates (2)

It’s Friday again, so I will make this a Sam update post. Rather how we as parents, procrastinate 😦

I wrote last week about how things are at the school. Maybe I will write more about studies in another post, but this is more about everything else.

While we shifted, within the week, we thought we should get Sam to start his swimming and karate so that there will not be too much break. I did my online research and we went and inquired for both karate and swimming close to home. At least, I thought, I could drive him for the swimming myself. All planned and set and the fellow fell ill. It took him a good 1 week to get back to normal and became very weak. To add to it, it was beginning to get cooler too. In between, hubby got him into Fall soccer club too while I wanted to wait for a couple of weeks until he feels better to start any classes.I panicked. There, that started the procrastination. In the meantime, the DeepawaLi evening was organised in the community and I got him to join a group dance taught by one of the moms right across the street here. I also got to know of a lady who teaches Carnatic vocal within the community and started to send him to it too. He has a good ear for music so I thought maybe he can learn if it interests him. So far, touchwood, he seems to be enjoying it. I joined dance class myself. There was bombe habba and my travel to NJ on work too. Between all these, Sam’s swimming and karate took a back seat. Oh! And there was soccer on saturdays as well.

Post DeepawaLi we thought we will send him to classes now and he fell sick-again! This time more severe with antibiotics and all. Again, a stop to all classes. Except, we got him to join the winter session of Prime Time classes for 2 days a week. 1 extra hour in school until 4:30 of Chess and Robotics that he seems to be enjoying. Then came December and holidays. All classes closed. Now, here we are in January, and apart from the primetime, he continues to go to music class and starting yesterday his ice skating classes have started. the other 3 weekdays he has fun with the apartment boys with the 2hr playdates. For us, as long as he continues to expend that energy and able to sit through the classes, it is sufficient. The gaps in swimming and karate have taken a backseat. Sometimes I wonder if he will have to learn Karate from scratch again, but if that is how it is to be, then so be it…



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