Day 11 -Community living

Our whole purpose of looking for a apartment community with more Indians was to feel comfortable. Our house in NJ, like I have said many times, had no immediate Indian neighbors.

Contrast it to the community we are here. Filled with 80% Indians, all here for 3-5yrs with kids of various ages. The reason being, this is a very good school district. While Sam had just 1-2 Indian kids in his class in NJ, here his class is filled with atleast 50% Indian kids. There is 1 school bus dedicated to the community and picks up nearly 70kids – 95% indian. There are 2 kids on the 3rd flr – 1 an year younger and another an year older than Sam and the kids spend the evenings with playdates for 2+ hrs in one of these houses. So, Sam is very happy. While I worried that he did not have friends in NJ, I worry that its getting tougher everyday to get him to sit for homework or dinner or even stick to a sleep time!

As for us, our building has 6, 3BHK houses – all Indian families. The ladies send the husband and kids to school and meet for potlucks and Thursdays are chanting days where they meet in someone’s house and chant Vishnu sahasranama and any other Devi stutis. Mom enjoyed it here during Navaraatri going from one house to the other those 9 days. There is one aunty here, who is most sought after. For helping with poojas to helping with new borns. The women help each other despite the small nitpicking that I seem to hear.  They have a ladies group on whatsapp, a potluck group etc etc; and helped me meet everyone here and got me involved in the DeepawaLi dance though I haven’t met these ladies after that.

As for the hubby, he got company to go play Badminton and I see some other cricket fans here and worry that come summer, its going to be tough getting hold of him during weekends!

Best of all, it doesn’t worry me if hubby has to travel. I know that there are people around I could ask for help if needed. I am all willing to return that favor as well.



2 thoughts on “Day 11 -Community living

  1. I live in a similar community too and have seen ladies group planning potlucks and meetups but unfortunately I was not able to paraticipate even once 😦 That has been one of my constant crib.. “not able to socialize with people from neighborhood”…

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