Day 10-In appreciation

Of all the women that I am in awe of. I have been meeting moms here, who do so much more than just having a day job and taking care of the house.

The first person that I met here and am in awe of, is hubby’s aunt. A pediatrician by profession, she is not only on call 24/7 but also is a temple committee member, cooking large amounts of food for the devotees during festivals and keeps elaborate bombe during navaraatri. They have a son who is trained in classical music and was a part of the university band here, daughter who is an accomplished bharatnatyam dancer and a doctor herself, both of whom owe their interests to their parents who took the time and effort to ferry the kids to all their classes despite their busy schedules. Of course, full credit goes to uncle too for the support he has given and continues to give to aunty’s profession and career. They also entertain family, travel to meet their son and daughter in different cities whenever the kids need them and their life continues to be much busier than ours though both of them are 60+. I see them as an ideal couple and hope to be like them – continue to have a full life even 60+ and not think of retiring at 60.

The other person I currently appreciate is my dance teacher – yes, i have joined a bollywood dance class as a time pass for 1 hr every week which I hope also gets me out of my laziness and a chance at doing some vigorous movements than just sitting on the couch all day long. This dance teacher has a 4yr old, has a full time job and teaches bollywood dance as a hobby.Calls it her passion. For the temple hosted events like Holi or DeepawaLi, she takes her dance students – ladies and kids to perform. This is no mean feat – she has to decide appropriate song, make the steps and teach people like me with 2 left feet how to dance AND make us perform on stage. She also needs to take care of costumes for nearly 100 students for different dances, order from India or pick up the costumes from the rentals and take charge of returning them as well. With all these, she also hosted her own dance school event yesterday at a hall here – so the family was in charge of everything – getting people to sponsor raffles, food, hall, costume, lighting, sound, video – phew! such a huge effort without asking for any one to help! I have seen a couple more ladies here, who have started learning dance from scratch and given arangetaram, started learning music from scratch and can now give stage performances at our Indian functions.

Back in India, I see some people I know making a group and hosting movie events of eminent actors – an activity that requires so much planning and effective execution and all these people hold full time day jobs.

These women really make me feel lazy for not getting out there and doing what I want to do – only because, who will take care of the house? I never think that I should wake up at 4am and sleep at 2am for any hobby. Maybe that’s what is called passion?

Sometimes I wonder, what is that one thing that would want me to loose sleep over and push me to do it? Do I even have any passions to pursue? (Not considering a good book)


2 thoughts on “Day 10-In appreciation

  1. This post gives me some fodder for a post about appreciating some women I admire.

    While the people you have admired have skills that you are in awe of, they are some other folks who are amazed by your skills too. Everyone is unique in their own special way.

  2. A big round of applause to all those amazing ladies.. I think in same line as you too LLT.. I so want to do something other than work and home but not happening yet… may be some day, once LHB grows up a little, I keep telling myself!!

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