Day-9 The Netflix advantage

When we came to the US, we did not own a TV for 8 months. Until we got a Thanksgiving deal. The first thing most people suggested was to get Netflix connection.

The first thing that caught our attention was the Food Network programs – this was surely 1 thing we could all see, including Sam. So every night we watched 1 episode of Food Network stars and from there we watched worst cooks. Giada at home, Bobby Flay etc;

When we were at a cousin’s place during Christmas last year, we got hooked to Murdoch Mysteries. Which we all enjoyed-including Sam. From there started the marathon TV episode watching. Husband watched Sherlock Holmes and then now watching Agatha Christie. The only arguement between us is that he starts watching them post 10pm when I am already asleep and I find it frivolous to loose sleep watching TV.

Having said that, the one that has currently caught my attention is the series “Reign” – about France and Scotland and England. I have realised I enjoy the drama and the intrigue of these Historic fictions. It started with “Siyaasat” based on Indu sundarashan’s Twentieth Wife – yes! that is why it caught my attention. Once we all watched that, Netflix gave the suggestion of Crown – Queen Elizabeth and her life. Now Netflix suggested (based on viewing history) Reign and I am hooked to it. Infact I sat up watching it on the laptop (not ideal for kids) until 12:40am on friday night (yes, how contradictory!) I also watched ‘Cedar Cove’ based on Debbie Macomber’s cedar cove series. However, the TV series ended abruptly leaving me feeling cheated.

Some of the other programs and movies of Netflix are also very good. This post seems like a Netflix promotional! 😀 There are still a list of programs that my brother has suggested like “House of cards” but kept it on hold because he very clearly said “Don’t watch it with Sam” I hope its day will come soon too 🙂



4 thoughts on “Day-9 The Netflix advantage

  1. I have been through this marathon early this year too.. Grey’s anatomy was it. I finished watching it as if there is no tomorrow.. Watched Crown too. Now slowly trying to come out of that series watching addiction. I just pick a random movie and watch…

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