Day 8- The birthday Tshirt

Those of you who have been coming here, know that I try to paint a Tshirt for Sam every year. What to paint is his choice. There has been Chota Bheem, Chipmunks and last year he asked for Spiderman. I did my best but when he saw it, he said “This is uncle Spidey” 😦 Though he did wear it for his birthday party, I made sure that he never wore it to school.

This year, he said he wanted Ninja with specifics – a Golden Ninja with a dragon. So, I showed him images on google, and he showed me a picture of ninja in action while I was showing him a simpler just a Ninja face. *sigh* I asked for it I think. I told him that I cannot do a Ninja sitting on the dragon but i could try to do a Ninja in an action. Thankfully, he was satisfied with the result this year. Hubby said it has come out very well, so I even let him wear it to school this year 🙂

Look at the 2 pictures and give me your opinion:


5 thoughts on “Day 8- The birthday Tshirt

  1. See, you are so talened yourself. The paintings are amazing RS and the intricate details are beautifully done. I love the idea of painting a T-shirt every birthday. By the way, reminds me of that cake which I never got to bake for dear Sam’s birthday. Hope that day will come

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