Day 7- On friendship

Another good thing that happened because of this move was we got back in touch with friends from Columbus who have also moved to Chicago area.

We met them within 2 weeks of shifting, with my parents and KK’s parents both visiting. It never felt that it had been 9 long years of not seeing each other or spending time with each other.We had only spoken on phone occasionally in all these years. It felt like family when we invited them for lunch during Navaraatri.

The first time we met them was at the Aurora temple. They have an older daughter in high school and the son is a few months older to Sam. So when we met at the cafeteria of the temple, both boys took an instant liking to each other calling themselves BFF-brothers! (LOL) Since that day, they had been craving to spend more time with each other.

Both their kids are into competitive swimming and their weekends are busy with their meets. As luck would have it, the kids had a meet very close to our house on the Diwali weekend and they decided to spend it with us. The boys could’nt wait! OMG! I cannot explain the energy levels flowing in the house those 2 days! We were worried that one of them will hurt themselves in the excitement and the energy. We had a good time just eating and chatting apart from them finishing their meets in the morning.

A few weeks down the line, both boys began bothering us again, “when are we having the next sleep over?” So, the weekend after thanksgiving, they did not have any meets and there was a snow storm predicted, so we decided to spend the weekend with them at their house. Their backyard has his gazebo and overlooks a park. On saturday, hubby and I took the boys to the Navy Pier winter fest and to see the Chicago Christmas tree at the millennium park, giving the other couple a few hours to get their work done while we got the boys to work off their energy. After yummy dinner, we watched Neerja on netflix and it was bedtime. We woke up to white snow all around – though we were supposed to return home before it started snowing again, we decided it would be fun to play. We did sledding, rolling around in the snow and the kids had a blast. We did too!

The 10years of not meeting never came into the picture. It was as it used to be all those years ago with the addition of the kids getting along. Their daughter was the first kid that hubby and I had enjoyed spending time with – she used to refuse to go back home and insist that she wanted to stay with us all those years ago and now, their son wants to come home and be with us – though the reason is Sam 😀

This is what I call building a family – there is no blood relation involved, all it takes is an open mind and a large heart.







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