Day-6-Sam updates (1)

I remember the times I used to do Friday fun Chuktu posts. Now that the boy has grown up so much, there doesn’t seem to be too much of fun stuff to write. But I do want to put some things that are currently happening and how he throws me these googlies that are hard to handle sometimes!

Now that he is in 2nd grade, there is a lot more expectation from him in school. Time and time again, we have been told he is impulsive. There was a call from school one day that he threw the milk carton into the trash sitting in his place which fell down and spilt on the cafeteria floor. The call came from the Assistant principal. I was worked up, completely. I had no idea what had happened. He comes home and gives me the most simple explanation – that someone was blocking him from getting up and walking so he got worried that he will not be able to put it in trash before the trash cart was pushed away – so he had to throw it. Hmmmm…. I told him to wait and walk himself once he got the chance and then trash it.

The next time, he got pulled up for talking. Once in the line on the way back from cafeteria (“Amma, I was telling Vivo to watch out otherwise he would bang into ….I dont remember what it was now) and once in the bus(“Amma, I was planning a playdate with A) Phew, the impulsiveness! I had to seriously tell him that I did not want to be called from school again for these things. But I also felt sorry for him – I am like that, impulsive and quite loud 😦 Something comes to my mind, it needs to get sorted out as quickly as possible.

Then,just before the vacation started, he came home crying one day “Don’t scold me Amma, but I had to go to Asst.principal again today”. Why? Because the girl D was hitting boy I and Sam could not keep quiet because I is his friend and he had to help his friend. So, he stood up and he asked her to sit down and interfered while the 2 were fighting. This happened in the bus again where nobody is supposed to stand while the bus is in motion. All 3 of them were sent to the office by the bus driver. Now, what am I to do? Tell him to mind his own business and curb his nature to help those he thinks are in trouble? Or tell him it was the right thing to do and to continue helping others even though it gets him into trouble in the process?

But when it comes to taking care of himself – he cries and complains to his teacher if someone is bothering him. His teacher says he is the sweetest kid in class who does not raise his hands AT ALL. She told us that she has told Sam, he will get her full support but he needs to learn to stand up for himself and so, speak back if someone is trying to bother him/bully him. What a contradiction!!

How do we bring up this child?


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