Day 5-The work changes

Time to talk about my work now. Thankful for my job that allows me to work from home sitting in a different time zone than that of my clients and get the job done. how ever the bosses that be wanted me to do a week long trip in November to meet with everyone and I grabbed the opportunity to take a break from everything at home. With Mom around, I did not have a worry. Took the flight on Halloween and spent the week until Friday meeting the team, taking training, meeting friends for dinner in the evening without a worry.

The downside of working from home is that I need to log in to the calls at 7am which is the same time as waking up Sam and sending him to school. Its a mad rush with me on ear phones and laptop on the kitchen counter along with breakfast and dabbas. Most days hubby’s calls  get done by 7:30 and he helps but on days he needs to leave early, just the thought of those days are stressful. Also, all those new clothes I bought in joy have all gone back into the suitcase. I wonder now, when I will wear all those formal tops and skirts and feel good about going to work!

Once the 2 boys are off, I get my job done without any breaks and try to log off by the time the little fellow returns. Not having to go to work and no company to talk to, gets the job done faster than what it would be in an office. I can login again at 9pm once Sam goes to bed.Another positive right now is that I don’t need to get ready and head out in this cold anywhere and I continue to have the fear of driving. Also, I have the energy to head out in the evening if needed and I am thinking I should pursue some hobby, come spring.

I only hope the status quo continues on this front through the whole year!


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