Day-4 – What happened next…

In my last post I said, we moved mid August and found us a good community apartment and met people. Those were the high lights.

What also happened was that the little fellow fell sick. Continuously. Like how it used to be a few years ago in Bengaluru. The doctor here refused to see him even after telling him that his medical papers from NJ were on its way to his office. I was furious with the system. My baby was running a temperature of 103/104 deg F and the doctor refuses to see him. They do not hand over any of the medical papers or the school papers to the parents either! Thank God for wonderful family. We called hubby’s cousin who is a pediatrician here, rather Facetimed with him, he spoke to Sam, told us to give him steam,give him fever reducing medicine  and continue to monitor his temperature through the night. He gave us confidence that it might not be as bad as it looks and that do not hesitate to take him to emergency if necessary during the night and if something like that happens – to keep him posted. Thankfully, after every 4hrs of medicating him the fever remained at 100/101F and by next day the medical papers had reached this doctor here and we could meet them. It was a viral at that time. Within 3 weeks, he fell sick again! this time more severe with Bronchitis and had to be put on Antibiotics 😦 To top it off, we had to get a fresh medical done for the school with blood work and eye test. The eye test result was that he was diagnosed to have short-sight (yeah yeah just like his mom sadly) and now wears glasses.

With all this happening, we could not take Mom and Dad out as we had planned. Finally, the weekend before they had to travel back, Mom stayed back 1 day with Sam while we took Dad to the Art institute of Chicago to see the Vivekananda way and the place where he gave his speech. The next day, hubby took them both to the temple and Vivekananda ashrama where his statue is erected while I stayed home with Sam.

The weather did not help either. It was (continues to be) extremely cold and windy and snowed too without school being closed. I still have no idea how warm he keeps himself while he plays outside at school though he told me that they do not allow the kids to play without wearing caps,snow boots and snow pants.

With all this, he missed 8 days of school and was worried that he will not be able to participate in the class play while i worried that he is missing the lessons and falling back on the reading and the math.

I hope the beginning of the year brings some immunity and good health to all of us too.


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