Day 3-Retrospect of 2016

Wait, there cannot be just 1 post for 2016 retrospect. This would be like a synopsis and I do need a lot more fodder for another 29 days worth of posts.

I was just looking back and realized I did put up posts for 5 months of 2016 at least. I made note of the fact that I got back to working full time, parents’ visit and trips the school issues until August. But the bigger news is, we shifted – again. Packed bags and called movers to move half way across the country to the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Thanks to hubby’s job. The other option was that I continue with Sam in NJ while hubby does the weekly Mon-Thur flying out and in which was not an option we wanted to consider. It did not make sense that we are in this country and still not able to be together as a family. Defeated the purpose. So, mid-august we shifted so Sam missed only the first week of school. Stayed at a hotel with parents for 2 weeks along with rice-cooker and a pan and an airbed.Then shifted to an apartment community which satisfied my 2 major requirements – good school district and an Indian presence so I could let Sam make friends and play outside.

Thanks to parents shifting with us, Mom and Dad made friends with other parents while walking in the park which helped us to meet the neighbors. Mom went with other aunties and ladies for Navaraatri poojas and chanting so I got to meet a lot of them myself. It also helped me dust some cobwebs and I joined a weekly dance class and also performed during the community DeepawaLi get together. Hoping at least this 1hr class once a week is a start to some form of moving hands and legs. Oh! thankfully, my office gave me the option of working from home *touchwood* so I am still full time employed. This was totally a blessing.

The year seems to have ended on a positive note and I am hoping 2017 will also be an easy year with things falling in place. Ofcourse there are still ? plenty which we will need to figure out as the year goes by.



2 thoughts on “Day 3-Retrospect of 2016

  1. I totally understand the utmost priority of living together as a family. It’s great that you found a place that had a good community. Full time work from home is awesome! Happy that things fell in place perfectly for you all RS

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