Welcome 2017

Hola! Hello!!!! Happy New Year 2017 to who ever thought that I might really start the Blogathon this year or those few who still have me on your readers! Wish that all your dreams come true for this year 🙂

When Maya asked me last year for the blogathon 2016, I backed off and then again when Swaram did one in November I said no and both times felt guilty for backing off. So, this time I decided I should start blogging again and boy, I’m so glad that the minute I asked Maya, she said “of course we are doing the 2017 blogathon and you dare not back off this time :-)” and took the whole thing forward from there. Thanks Maya!

So, here I am. making another attempt at reviving this space though I fear that most of the stuff will be personal and nothing earth shattering or helpful to anyone. I will however try my best to make the posts interesting though.

Those of you who came here from Maya’s – welcome and thank you for visiting me. I hope the posts will be worth your time 🙂




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