Day 2-The New Year Eve 2016

So, I had to write that the last day of 2016 was good fun. We went to watch Dangal though I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to. I was thinking that I would rather watch Moana or some such movie with the kids than watch Dangal. But being an Aamir Khan fan and hearing rave reviews about the movie, I couldn’t say no to the hubby either.

We had planned a 31st night party at the neighbor’s house and had met on the 30th to discuss food and game options. Post that we said we will be going for the movie and another couple decided to join us. Thankfully Sam had company too. We thought that the theater would be crowded and we might not get good seats so we went 30 minutes early – to an empty theater.As for the movie – wow! there were some teary moments and some angry moments and some really hair-rising appreciative moments. And finally, when everyone stood for the National Anthem at the end of the movie – I had tears in my eyes again. Where ever I am, a proud Indian I will be.

Someone had suggested a good Indian restaurant for lunch very close to the theater and after a heavy lunch we returned home and ensured we all had a late siesta before the party at 8.

I must say this though, this is a new set of people that we have hardly met a couple times before and were not sure of how the ‘party’ would be. Of course there were a few awkward moments, the men separated to have their beer and the women were expected to take care of the kids etc; etc; but I will not crib(I can make a crib fest as fodder for another post eh? 😉 ) and see the positive in the fact that we had company, food and laughter to ring in the new year. I think we need to blend into the crowd if we need to have a good time. So, we played dumb charades of English and Hindi movies – men vs. women and all had great fun. The kids cut the cake at midnight, we all had dinner and dispersed at 1:30am. We also all had lunch for 1st packed-haha!

So how did you all spend your new year’s eve?







5 thoughts on “Day 2-The New Year Eve 2016

  1. We wanted to go to Dangal too but the kids vetoed it in favor of Moana. But I didn’t like Moana, at least not as much as Zootopia and Inside Out! 😐

    P.S. – Love the header. Seems like you are having a fun winter already! 😛

  2. Happy new year to you and your family LLT!! Glad to know that you had a good start of the new year.. On a lighter note, guess you are going to party more this year 😉

  3. I was laughing at the idea of crib fest as fodder for another post. Glad to know you had good fun while you stepped into the new year! Wishing you more fun, laughter and happiness this year RS 😘

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