Weekend Trips with parents

I thought I will do individual posts on all the weekend trips we took with my parents, but I have been so swamped with work,home, Sam, being lazy 😛 that I have been postponing the posts.

But for posterity, if I don’t put it here now, I might never put it up here, like what happened when we roamed around with the in-laws last year.

The idea was to cover as many places as possible before school starts. So we did Stroudsburg Sringeri Mutt, Niagara and Pittsburgh one weekend,taking a Friday off. We then did the Swami Narayan temple and our NJ – Edison, Oak Tree Road and Indian food of Paranthas, Long Branch beach one evening (I loved this place) , Atlantic City, New York City (Hop-On Hop-off is the best way while doing it with parents and walking is a problem), Statue of Liberty – all of these in a span of 3 weekends 😀 My parents have never really done so much sight-seeing in months I guess. Hehe.

Some of the highlights were

  • The Cave of the winds that Sam liked so much that he kept going back under the waterfall to get wet again and again 😀 I had forgotten what fun it is to be there
  • The Niagara fireworks
  • Long Branch beach – I loved the Pier Village right on the beach and all those shops, not many people but not too lonely either
  • Parents ready to weather a bit of rain to sit on top of the hop-on hop-off night tour because we told them that they can get the best views of lighted Manhattan from top
  • Packing our rice and chappatis and having satisfactory lunch and dinners not worrying about where to go for our veggie food
  • The US-Airforce band that played that Friday night at Atlantic City which was an unexpected bonus fun

Best of all is the satisfaction when Dad says that everything from packing food and finding places to eat, to all the places we saw, was very well organised and in seeing Mom and Dad satisfied with what we had planned 😀


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