The Washington DC weekend

Yaay! My parents are here! They landed on Wednesday morning at JFK and the traffic was so bad that it took 2hrs just to get home from the airport. Gave them the one evening and night to sleep and rest. From Thursday, they have been taken to grocery shopping, swimming and karate.

We even finished a trip of Washington DC 🙂 We started on Saturday morning and the traffic was so bad that a 3hrs drive took us 5 – we started at 8 and reached only by 1pm. We immediately got into the hop-on hop-off and got to the White House. More than clicking pics there, we sat in the park opposite, in the shade and had the lunch that I had packed. That gave us some energy to walk back to the bus stop and get to the next stop – Jefferson memorial. By the time we finished this and waited for the bus it was 4pm and 5pm was the last trip time. Mom was so exhausted that she asked “Do these memorials have ACs? ” 😀 Lets go somewhere which has AC! So, we got back to the Air and Space Museum which was open until 7:30pm. While we walked around the museum, it began to pour outside – thunderstorm that lasted 2hrs. Which gave us time to even grab a quick bite at the food court. We managed to make my parents eat Cheese Burgers at McD too.

One of the best part of this trip was we met our Columbus friends – Anup and Lakshmi and their kids during the trip – they had booked the same hotel we had and so we got a chance to meet them once we checked into the hotel after 5+ yrs and the kids got to play together until 10pm by which time, the adults were exhausted.

Next morning, we met them again for breakfast, took a few pictures and then checked out. We parked the car again near L’Enfant Plaza and took the Hop-on hop-off to the remaining 3 memorials – FDR and MLK and finally Lincoln memorial. We looked for an Indian restaurant – Masala Art close by for a heavy Indian lunch and then drove straight back to reach home by 7:15pm.

Off to Niagara this weekend 😀 I guess the next few posts will be all about travels with the parents. Tata for now, with some pictures:





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