The Photograph Saga

Let’s start from the very beginning… Neither the hubby or me are very fond of taking pictures or being in pictures. Taking pictures for us has mostly been as an after thought. The hubby hates to ask someone else to take a picture of us, so most of our honeymoon pictures either has him or me 😛 We perhaps have less than 10 pictures together, that too because by day 3 the driver realized that we wouldn’t ask him ourselves and he offered to take it.Many a times we let the rest of the group take the pictures and share them with us later. There was a time when I wanted us to go to a studio and get a picture taken and get it framed like how every one else does it. But again, hubby was never in favor of it – he cringes at the thought of having to ‘get dressed’ just for a studio picture. I thought things might change after the kid, but no, nada.

Off late, how ever, my thoughts are changing. We do not have a single picture of us as a family that I can frame. Nothing that I can hang on a wall or place on a table and make that space personal. And I’m beginning to feel, I want one. Fine, if we don’t go to a studio, I’m ok with that. Thank God for selfies, that I at least have a few pictures these days of the 3 of us together. But those are never frame worthy. I have begun to realize that these happy, fun moments are so fleeting that I better capture it somewhere that I can come back and smile about it later. When I come here and read the 6 yr old posts, see pictures of Sam as a baby, read his antics that I have almost forgotten, it makes my day 🙂 Just like that, I want to capture more moments in pictures.

Life has currently given us opportunities to explore new places, experience new things, enjoy the awe of the little one for example when he sees One World Observatory and realizes that ‘this’ is what is a skyscraper that his teacher taught him about, a George Washington statue he recognizes… I want to capture them all. A moment in time that we enjoyed. Felt great about. Another 6-7 years later, when the kid is a teenager and he cribs that we didn’t take him anywhere – show this to him 🙂 A day when I wear something new and feel confident about-I want that moment captured, just to think later – I did this too…

I still do not want a DSLR or the latest camera that makes me look like a million bucks or makes the scenery look like its out of a picture book or a movie. No, that’s not what I crave for. My mobile phone camera is good enough for me. I just want us, captured in that moment of time, in a happy frame of mind. It is not the joy of taking a superb, well thought out, enhanced picture, it is the joy of knowing that here it is…this fleeting moment- Ah! I gotcha! Captured!

Is that a problem? Is my thinking wrong? I am becoming a photography convert – anyone else cares to join me in this ‘capture the moment’ madness?


What do you think?

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