A fun day in NYC

As per tradition, we could not go out of town for the anniversary this year, so we decided we will spend a Saturday in New York City, doing  things that required quite a bit of walking around.

The first thing that got decided was where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner 🙂 Then for all the things we wanted to see. And the plan was obviously left to me.

We left home really early (for a Saturday morning) at 7:40 am and drove to New York. I had already booked a parking space very close to our dinner place near Times Square and the idea was to take the Metro around the city. Its always a challenge to drive around that city! I always feel hubby is so confident doing it, while I’m just lost looking everywhere and thinking “Now where do I look?!”

Thanks to Google Maps, even though I had downloaded the NYC Transit App on the phone, I never needed to use it. With the help of google maps we first got a train to Chelsea Market. Its an indoor food market filled with goodies. We walked around looking at things, taking a few pictures and there was hardly any crowd as it was still only 9:15 am. I opted for a Parisian Breakfast -toasted Baguettes with Apricot jelly and butter with coffee while the hubby and Sam (OK, the boy sounded so distant, so I’m renaming him Sam here! Go roll your eyes elsewhere!)  had a spinach and cheese sandwich/burger at Alex Guarnaschelli’s Amy’s Bread. Thus ensuring we break the fast, we started on the journey to see the Charging Bull. OMG! The crowd. Everyone wanted to touch the bull – Ahem! you know where! Someone even pushed Sam so hard that he just fell there right under the bull! I then took a photo op by holding the horns of the bull for financial luck *hopefully* 😛 and we quickly left from there. Since we were in Wall Street we walked to see the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Hall before walking across the Trinity Church to catch the train to our next stop – Vikas Khanna’s Michellin Star Indian restaurant – Junoon. Good ambiance, great drinks, prompt service, food – did not match the hype or the expectation. We were hungry and the food was our hot Indian food – so hog, we did.

Post lunch, we walked along Madison Square Park and took the Metro to Rockefeller Center. A few pictures, Sam chasing the pigeons, of course buying Lego, hubby realized he was wearing the wrong shirt – so we popped into Banana Republic (which had a Dad’s sale going on) to change the shirt. We walked to see the Atlas holding the heavens sculpture and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and we were on 5th Avenue! I could not, not shop now. Could I? A been there, done that? So we dropped into Saks 5th Avenue where I got lured into getting “made up” and I also bought a lipstick that I probably would never use!! A friend had suggested that we try something at Magnolia Bakery and we did just that – Coconut Cake and Tea. Could not try more as we had plans for dinner and we were still full from lunch. We sat at a fountain right there, ate the cake while hubby had the tea (which by the way was sugarless and no other flavor except the tea).

Refreshed, we caught our last Metro for the day back to Times Square to get to Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Some confusion regarding the tickets and a bit of running around, we did manage to go in. It was so much fun! 😀 Sam loved the black hole and went in it 3 times! He also loved ‘climbing the Empire State Building’ and taking pictures with Bumble Bee 🙂

We still had some time left before dinner, so we walked around Times Square and looked for a place to sit. Found a Star Bucks coffee, went in so Sam could rest his little legs a bit had a lemon Iced Tea, did some crowd watching and lights watching and the street performers’ antics all comfortably from inside Star Bucks. We then walked slowly towards our final point of interest – dinner!

We had booked dinner at The View. We went up a super fast elevator to the 48th floor just in time to see an awesome pink,orange and red sunset. It was just beautiful! Unfortunately though, we didn’t have any options for vegetarian food. We went one level up to the lounge and bar for the buffet which thankfully had a couple of veggie options, though everything was highly priced. I wish there were more veggie options, however I guess we payed more for the view! The floor of the restaurant revolves 360deg. once every hour. So we get to see the entire skyline of Manhattan and Brooklyn from the 48th floor, while sitting cozily inside and having lunch/dinner. By the time we finished dinner at 10 pm, Sam was asleep on his feet. 🙂 We then quickly paid the check and walked to the car park which was just 2 mins away. Even at that time we saw queue of people waiting to get into a pub/restaurant or Theater. New York City was alive on Saturday night!

Thankfully, the weather Gods were in our favor with no rain and not too much sun. Sam did not throw any tantrums and walked all the way as much as we did – 28000 steps hubby’s phone app said. We drove out of the city and reached home happy, tired and completely satisfied with the day at 11:30 pm. A summer Saturday – well spent 🙂






5 thoughts on “A fun day in NYC

  1. Belated wedding anniversary to you and S! May both you love birds spend many more years with each other 🙂 Enjoyed reading this post, well described with all the details. You look super gorgeous by the way! Couldn’t take my eyes off you while seeing all the pics in FB. Sam sounds better than the boy, I agree.

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