The Memorial Day Weekend

Before I forget, I want to post about the Memorial Day weekend outing we did with the family.  Just for DreamyMommy to let her know that I’m right here 🙂

Hubby’s cousins – one from New Hampshire and the other from North Carolina and us from New Jersey (phew) decided to meet  for the Memorial Day weekend. As you can see the logistics of meeting for 3 days considering the distances/cost/driving was a challenge.

Since they both decided they would take the trouble of driving 6-8hrs we decided Pocono Mountains as the destination. Then began the  search for a house big enough to host 12 people! We decided on Arrowhead Lake and fortunately found a 5 bedroom house right on the beach and next to the play area.As we were driving the shortest distance (just about 2hrs) we decided to pick up the groceries and I also cooked a couple of side dishes to ease things a bit.

As expected the traffic was horrible on Friday and it took us more than 2 hrs to reach the house. To our disappointment the house was dusty 😦 Like the hubby says for someone with a cleanliness ‘OCD’ like me, it immediately put me off. We wiped clean the kitchen counters,stove,microwave and the dining tables before we setup the kitchen. How ever the house was well stocked with 4-5 bicycles, 2 row boats and 2 kayaks. The little boy couldn’t resist the play area and off we went until sunset to spend the time at the beach and then took a small round on the bicycle. We lost track of time and the next thing we know its nearly 9pm! Thank God we had chappatis and what ever I had cooked so we had a quick dinner. By then the family with nearly 4yr old twins for whom it took all day Friday to drive – got home – hungry and exhausted! The twins and the parents had their dinner and we slept by 11:30pm.

On Saturday, we all had a quick breakfast and took the kids to the beach – they loved playing in the water while we all took turns in the row boat. Little boy and one of the twins gave us some funny moments while they kept falling off their wooden seats both times the boat started and the boat stopped. SIL and I laughed our heads off looking at their clumsiness – yes, bad mommies that we are. Im smiling even as Im writing this. It WAS funny watching them. At around noon we all had baths and lunch and waited for the 3rd family to join us. They reached by around 3pm – with loads of home made goodies *yummmm* my mouth waters even as I think of the masala puri and the koDbaLes they got. We had tea and coffee and every one went on another round of row boats while the kids went back into the lake water.

It was decided that we would have a grilled dinner. Panner/Bell Peppers/ Corn on Cob/Onions/harabhara kababs with sparkling Grape juice/beer and juice for the kids. Different yummy dinner. The boy, who until then hadn’t bothered with me, was exhausted and settled down on my lap to finish his dinner and told me  “amma, I want to do this again”. Eating grilled corn for dinner topped off the happiness of the day for him 🙂 While the twins were made to sleep, we all sat talking until nearly mid night and called it a day.

Sunday morning I woke up early, oh! I forgot to mention – we took a bedroom with a crib on the 2nd floor which had a huge sky light right on top of the bed. So at 5:30 am the sun streamed right into our eyes! So I was up and awake by 5:30/6 both days we stayed there! Thinking of making coffee, I went down to see that L&S were ready to head out  for a walk. I just slipped into my sandals and almost pushed them out of the house before my little monster could wake up and come down! *evil grin* What started as a walk ended up being a trek around the lake as we lost our way and the roads weren’t mapped on google maps. It was a solid 2hr walk and because I was evil and ran out in a pair of sandals, my feet hurt real bad by the time we reached home again. Got my punishment right there! We took the kids to the pool after that, had good lunch, more beach, play area, bath and grilling again for dinner. The ended with the adults and the little boy playing “Clue” a couple of times, lots of laughter and a lot of thanks to G&S sisters who took initiative and set up the game, explained the rules and put up with the adult non sense 😛 Each time I meet these girls, I come away happily surprised with their amount of patience and the really indulged way they handle the kids. They got into the lake water beach for them, taught them to do cartwheels and somersaults, timed running races and still had the energy to stand at the grill for dinner!

Couldn’t believe that the 3 days just went by in a wink while the planning went on for weeks. Like the little boy said, I wish we could holiday forever!  Like all the kids, I didn’t want to go back home and wanted to stay in the ‘Holiday house’ but I couldn’t cry like they did and had to be adult about it 😦

Since everyone else had long drives, they all left sooner while we ensured the house was clean and things back in place and decided to have lunch at the Sringeri Mutt close by to prolong the holiday a little bit more 🙂 We reached home by 3pm – back to the cleaning and preparing for the next week.

I’m still looking at the photos and thinking it was so much fun…












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