Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers I know here on blogsphere!

All these years it was never a big deal-this mother’s day. But this year, there has been a buildup to May 8th all week – thanks to the little boy’s school. Every activity class he has, he has been making Mother’s day gifts for me 😀

All day Friday, at work too, everyone was talking about what they want to do for Mother’s day and I was joking that the husband has already told me that I will get something from the little fellow and so, he doesn’t have to put in any effort. On Friday, when he came to pick me up from work, he said “Amma, I have a surprise for you, but its a surprise OK? I don’t want you to see it. I will give it to you on Sunday-Mother’s day.” Not wanting to disappoint him and wanting to wait for the surprise myself, I restrained myself (with a lot of difficulty) not to open his bag and see what he has got.

Friday evening, as usual, the hubby went out to his gym post dinner. Or so, I thought. An hour later, he called me and asked me to keep the little fellow awake for sometime. Then, I got my gift! A new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Wow! I can be cynical and say that a new phone was on the cards for sometime now. My 4 yr old phone was slowly giving up life and I knew I had to buy a new one, I was thinking of buying it for my birthday, if I could push until then. So this was a really pleasant surprise! I am super happy that I got this as a surprise for Mother’s day! Along with this the hubby thought I need to get some exercise in my day and bought a fit-bit and a wireless charger and an expensive cover for the phone – all of which cost nearly a 100$ and I promptly returned them. Of all the things, I really didn’t want a fit-bit. I’m happy being my lazy self! 😛

Then, yesterday, first thing in the morning, the little fellow woke me up,wished me, gave me his gifts – a sweet card and a book that says “A book about Mom” 😀 We went out for lunch and I had a new haircut, was a day well spent. The weather Gods too smiled and it was nice and bright and sunny…

This is a Mother’s day that I want to keep for posterity here. So what did you all do?

PS: See that pencil drawing above “I love when my Mom takes me…” ? That is supposed to be him and me 😀


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. I love your hair in that picture! 😛 😛

    Nothing special, RS. We went out for lunch, movie and husband cooked dinner. That was our Mother’s day! 🙂 🙂

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