Amma @ Home

<Warning: Pretty boring post on what we did at home. I wanted to put something out here for the days that we spent lazing at home>

That was Chutku’s only mantra every time we spoke to him about moving here. I felt guilty that a 5 year old boy, when asked what he wanted in America, said, Amma every time. How much he craved for undivided attention from me.

I had plans-BIG plans, small plans on how I would spend time with him for the 4 months we would be together. Arty Crafty stuff, board games, books etc; etc; I had some ideas for myself too – to learn to bake a cake, try new foods and of course catch up on all my novels.
The best part – there was no TV in the house! Yaay! I thought. The husband had bought a good laptop and that would suffice.

A week is all it took for Chutku and me to get rid of the jetlag and be on our feet. Dreary days meant we couldn’t go out anywhere by ourselves and we did not even own a car then, so for most days of the week we were stuck at home. The owner of this house had left a battery operated car that the little fellow could sit in and drive. That was exactly what we did every evening if it wasn’t raining. Take a walk. The little fellow was all excited – he was in America you see! Mornings started late by 10am which he spent Β talking on Skype with both sets of grandparents until around noon. Post that we would have bath and lunch by 2pm. Then, we played scrabble or snakes and ladders or he would just play with his cars while I blissfully read-the library here has a good collection of Danielle Steele and Nora Roberts and every other american writer πŸ™‚ Once the husband finished work, we would take a walk or watch something on the laptop for an hour or so and then the little fellow and I would be off to bed by 9. Of course, the day would have a couple of screaming matches and tantrums too – it was not a fairy tale land ofcourse!

In between,I also got better at cooking (I think). Pushed myself to try some new stuff. Started making the Idly and the Dosa batter at home, trying my hand at akki rotti, baking brownies, cooling kulfis, some odds and ends of deep fried food on rainy afternoons etc; It was a way to keep myself occupied as well. Didnt want an Empty Mind Devil’s Workshop syndrome. However, I didnt do all the baking and lengthy dishes that I had thought I should try my hands on.All the arty crafty stuff I had planned with the little fellow never happened either. I tried a couple of times, but he was more interested in playing with his cars than doing stuff with me, so I gave up 😦

Chuktu and I were slowly getting bored of each other and of the confines of the house all day long. We both aren’t used to so much of being with each other. He didn’t like the discipline I wanted him to follow and I didn’t like the mess he created!

We were going stir crazy with hardly people around us and all that pent-up energy. Once we made friends, I have no clue how quickly the summer passed. Like I wrote in the previous post, every weekend was a blur of activity. Thankfully the other kids were an year older and year younger to Chuktu, so the kids got along very well. The ladies planned the weekends and the party started from Friday evenings πŸ™‚ Weekday evenings, we would have early dinners and then plan movie nights or play times. Plenty of coffee was had and bedtime was no less than midnight.

It was a fun, well spent summer. I feel it all happened seamlessly since I had no stress of working and time schedules. I could be really flexible with breakfast at lunch time and dinner at evening snack time! In retrospect, I enjoyed being a SAHM while I continued to wonder where the time flew every day.

NOTE: Seema aunty, I know you would be wondering about the tooth – so the dentist said the tooth will fall by itself and not to worry! yaay! No extraction!


2 thoughts on “Amma @ Home

  1. Firstly, it was not a boring post. Secondly, Chutku and you atleast got along for quite a long time. Mantam and I were bored with each other’s company within a couple of weeks! I can totally understand the feeling as even we are so used to not being confined to home for such long duration πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the note on the tooth, I was going to ask you otherwise. So glad that it is going to fall by itself. The first tooth falling is a magical experience. Mine are at 8th or 9th and already suspicious if we are sneaking money under their pillows πŸ˜€

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