My baby has become a boy, already?!

So, I was actually thinking of writing about the schooling here and the changes the little
fellow had to make, but then over the weekend, something else happened…

I saw that he is getting a permanent tooth behind his still firm front tooth! I knew this
was coming up in a few months, I was waiting for his tooth to shake, waiting to tease him
about the ‘India Gate’ in his mouth. On his part, he had been telling me how tooth fairy
visited his classmates and how in some cases the kids got gifts and in some cases the kids
got a $ coin, what does the tooth fairy do with so many teeth, what is he supposed to do if
it falls in class etc etc;

Sadly, now I think we need to get 2 of his lower teeth extracted because it isn’t showing
any signs of budging! I am petrified of dentists and am nearly in tears. Hoping for some
miracle that the tooth begins to shake and fall by itself. That’s the natural process that
even Chutku would perhaps enjoy! It feels like he is being cheated out of that shaky first
tooth experience and forced to sit on the dentist chair.

Since I noticed it on Sunday, I’m on a roller coaster emotional ride. A shaky tooth
would’ve given me some warning that my baby is growing up, but seeing that permanent tooth there has shaken me up! OMG! When did my baby grow up so much that he is already getting permanent teeth?! his face is going to change, he is going to grow up in a wink now (which I already think so) and I’m so angry with nature that my kid has to go through the same tooth issue I went through. That’s so mean and so sad. I generally take things in my stride and keep talking about how things will be when Chutku grows up, but this? I’ve been talking about this continuously for 2 days now!

Then, last night, Chutku said he will tell me a joke. I want to put this one up here,
because this is his first joke which made me feel he IS growing up…

Chutku:”Amma, Look under there”
Me: Where?
Chuktu:”Ammaaaa, look under therreee”
ME: Bend down to see under the chair and ask again”What do you want me to see”
Chutku: “Ayyooo Amma, you should say “Look under where (wear)” and starts giggling.

I then got the joke and we both laughed. As soon as hubby came home, I narrated this and
his first reaction was the same as mine “He is growing up!”

I only wish that this boys’ jokes will continue to be narrated with childish innocence to
the mom 🙂

I miss the little chubby cheeks and the twinkling eye naughtiness, but I hope to keep the
camaraderie going well into his boyhood. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “My baby has become a boy, already?!

  1. My best wishes and I liked the joke too..

    Time flies it seems.. and as you say the child is a boy..

    God bless the little one..I hope you got the dollar coins ready….who knows when the tooth fairy might be needed…

  2. Time surely flies, felt so good to read about Chutku (the name sounds ironic now, doesn’t it?) Hope the dentist appointment goes smoothly. Good luck to both of you. But you put a brave face haan? He might get nervous otherwise.

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