So Far… (1)

The 2015 blogathon that I did was all about what was happening with my life then – hubby’s move and our subsequent move in March was all that my life was revolving about. An year later, here we are, quite settled and I’m back to working from January.

The year of 2015 gave me my first big break in career/job. Quitting wasn’t an easy decision – both financially and mentally. 12 years in the industry,having finally found a work-life balance as well as enjoying what I did, to leave it all was mentally tough. I did suggest to the husband that I will travel only for a few months taking loss-of-pay leave but for the sake of the little fellow, we decided the move would be better.The only condition that the little fellow had, to move, was “Amma should stay at home with me”. so, in a way, he got me to quit and take things as they came.

We landed here in April right after his school year. I had a wonderful and hectic month before the travel – meeting all loved ones, spending quality time with friends and wrapping up work and home. We landed to 2deg C cold and rain and shivers which is typical east coast weather for spring – or so I heard. The little fellow was all happy that we were together “family” he said.However, I took quite sometime to settle down-more mentally than physically. No one I know, nothing to do, no time limits, no friends, just gloomy rainy days and a very active 5 year old. Thankfully, we went on quite a few trips and met family the initial 3 months that kind of kept me from getting completely depressed.

Then came July and we got lucky.Met 3 families with kids the same age as ours and the fun began! We started planning trips every weekend and were out all summer. Evenings were for playing tennis and gossip and impromptu potluck dinners. Not working, gave me an option of cooking dinner for 10-14 people at 5pm and packing it all to the park. It also gave me flexibility of staying awake past midnight and waking up at 11am. The days before school began just flew by. We did beach trips, water park trips, amusement park trips, sight seeing trips,temple trips, shopping trips and NYC trips 🙂

September started with school and the in-laws visited. So, I never got the chance to sit at home idle and bored.Those 3 months were all about visiting family and east coast sight seeing with the in-laws. Again, not working, gave me the chance to cook every meal, our way for the in-laws, ensure they never had to do anything here, plan trips according to hubby’s leaves and Chutku’s school holidays. Never had to stress about food and packing and time constraints. A wedding in December was the culmination of the in-laws trip and they left before it got too cold.

Though I got the necessary documents to begin work, I began earnest search only by the time the school started and then kind of let it go, thinking I will pursue it more seriously once the in-laws left. Guess I was lucky that I got a job pretty quickly, considering my conditions of not wanting to travel too far and give me an option to work from home when required. Thank God for that! I, in fact asked them for a couple of weeks time before I signed on the dotted line.

Christmas was spent with family and new year was spent partying at home with friends and celebrating Chutku’s 6th birthday.

Phew! I didn’t think there was so much to write when I started this post. But of course, there is much more to write about last year – the trips and the family fun. In due course…


2 thoughts on “So Far… (1)

  1. Feels so good to catch up with your posts. I believe you are in NJ/NYC area. Let me know if you are visiting Atlanta. I wanted to meet you and Chutku. I know we have been planning, we must meet before our kids turn into little adults, by the way I believe they are already 🙂

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