An Year Later…

Hello, hello! How have you all been? I’m wondering if this post will pop-up in your readers and feeders (I’m hoping there are still a few of you who have forgotten to delete this link from your readers ;-)) and what your reaction would be. “hey! who is this? Is this LLT’ s post? Has someone hacked her space? What is this!” Right? Right… I feel like I’m hacking my own space! Its been so long since I put my nose anywhere near the direction of this blog.

So… I think I’ve been away for far too long now. When Maya asked me to do the Blogathon, I was just not ready to get rid of my lethargy and start writing again. Also, I didn’t know what to write about! I was not getting any thoughts that I can put into a coherent post. But then, her mail got me to at least get back to reading my favorite bloggers again and the Jan blogathon was fun for me 🙂 Still it took me more than 2 months to want to log in and start commenting again.

Finally, here I am – exactly an year since the big move and decided that its time I came back here. Time to renew my connections with the friends I made here, time to get out of my cocoon and ease back into the comfort zone of blogging.

So for those of you who got the ‘ping’ on your feeders -thanks for still having me there! I hope to write as regularly as I used to before 🙂 Aiming at atleast 1 post a week. Now that Im back to working, I sincerely hope I will have some fodder for posts here…so please do come back and encourage me!


7 thoughts on “An Year Later…

  1. Yayaya, welcome back RS! So good to see your post. Can’t wait to read your life post the big move and lots of updates about Chutku 😀

  2. Saw the post notification in my mailbox while t work. I jumped in excitement. Wasn’t able to comment due to network restrictions. So happy that you are back. Yippppeee. Can’t wait to read about your life post the big move and updates about Chutku. Convey my regards to S too

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