Finally! The end of Jan-2015 Blogathon

Whew! The last day of the blogathon! 31 days of nonstop blogging – come what may! And I have surprised myself that I completed it despite having a lot of reservations in the beginning.

But like last time, I’m dissatisfied with the worthiness of the posts. Ofcourse, its my online diary and sure it will serve me years down the line when I come back here and read the 2014 travelogues and Chutku tales which have given me maximum fodder for posts. But, I question the usefulness of these posts for anyone else coming here. These posts are useless in terms of being helpful to anyone. I wish I wrote something more socially productive and something that someone will bookmark to come here later.

This blogathon, has therefore, opened my eyes to the fact that I’ve been so steeple(d) in my own cocoon world that I hardly observe much beyond it. Which is sad actually. I need to look around and get involved in a lot of other activities than just work,cook,eat,sleep and take care of Chutku.

However, Im not going to stop coming here like how I did last year. I intend to keep this blog as alive as possible and Im sure I will have a lot of fodder at least for some time while I shut shop here and move countries.

The best part of this is the friends – so please don’t stop coming by here to check on me and my life πŸ™‚ Do stay tuned!


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