Friday Fun – Latest Chutku talks and Updates

– I have told the little fellow that we will be joining the hubby in 100 days starting from the day Hubby travelled. Now, the little fellow obviously doesnt know when the hubby travelled so I have conveniently fooled him by starting the date from Jan 1st. He has happily gone and told everyone he has met – in school/in daycare that he will not be coming back to that place after 100days. This past saturday when I went for his PTM, his class teacher asks me-what is this 100days he talks about – it gave me an opening to tell her about taking the
Transfer Certificate and talking to the Head Mistress! He has also told anyone who has asked to take them along “You need a VISA first, appaaaaa. You have to stand in long queue and go into office, talk to them and then take the VISA. You cant come just like that. Im going because my Apppppa is there…”!! (Apppppa is not a spelling mistake-thats the stress of pride in his apppppaaaa! Sigh! The little daddy’s boy!)

– He talks, and talks, and talks, and talks and talks and talks! Whew! Sometimes just listening to him tires my ears out! And he interrupts when 2 adults are talking-which I’ve been trying to teach him is bad manners but he NEEDS the attention and *right then*-so he chooses to ignore my “wait”s. Finally one day, I got so bugged that I asked him to ZIP his
lips and guess what – He did zip it and didnt open his mouth-but the sound continued. So next I told him, “Im muting you” and he starts talking but without sound! It was hilarious!! šŸ˜€

– He loves to be out of the house-ALWAYS! He is most happy when we are out of the house and keeps asking “Where next”. As long as the next is not home he is happy,else he can start a tantrum anywhere and for the smallest thing.

-He has this Stories for 5 year Olds book that I’ve been reading for him for nearly 6+ months now and he has his favourites. He always asks for the same Danny and Sam story who go camping in their backyard and the Meg and Mimi story of getting lost in the forest – Im so bored reading the same ones over and over but he refuses to listen to any other. Even if its any other-there HAS to be 1 of these stories along with it. Another is a book about a little lion Cub that keeps getting into trouble while the daddy lion is sleeping-his super favourite – I guess he relates to all the naughty things that the cub does-he keeps giggling at the antics.

-These days, he refuses to sleep early. I have to tell him his bedtime stories and he chooses to play for somemore time when I just fall asleep. He says “Appa is not here, so I will park the cars in Appa’s place” and he knows I will refuse, so he insists he will play in Appa’s place and then keep the cars on the floor before sleeping-which he would’ve done.My little boy is growing up…

– We have been telling him that he needs to stop shouting and throwing tantrums otherwise when we go to USA, there will be police who wuold come and check why you are screaming and might decide to take you away. That put him off the travel! For a couple of days he said he
will not go to USA atall! Now, that was not done, we had to reverse the damage – so I told him about snow and playing in snow – his idea of snow – that Cadbury Ad where the couple throw snowballs at each other, roll on the snow-like that! He says him and I should make snowballs and throw them on Appa and then run away and hide :-D. That was a close call!

– He loves Spiderman-for a few days he had become one himself. He would hold out his wrists like Spiderman and tell me-Amma, “Im putting web to you” and pull his arms – I had to run to him like he was pulling me with his web and hug him. Sometimes the opposite-“Now go” and he
would push out his arms like Spidey and I had to run away from him šŸ˜€ But, one time,just one time, we let him watch Spiderman on TV, guess what-he got scared of the black spiderman and woke up with nightmares 3 times that night šŸ˜¦ Who knew?

-Another one of his favourite movies is Dhoom 3. He loves the bikes and the bike scenes. When we went to Bandipur, and were waiting for the safari, he spoke to a forest officer and asked him who he was. The forest officer (inspector?) was good enough to respond to all this fellow’s questions and asked him what he wants to be when he grows up. This fellow first says Police and then immediately changes it saying “No nooo, I want to be the Dhoom 3 kaLLa(thief)!! Because he has the super bike and I want to ride a super bike!!” Thankfully I was not there and hubby didnt know where to look so he just got him back to the car. The cousins who were with us were ROTFL!

– Day before yesterday, at night, he was fidgetting at about 2:30am. I asked him to go to the bathroom and then come back to bed because I thought that was the reason he wasnt sleeping properly. He woke up, sat ul, said “ok amma”, went to the bathroom, switched on the light, finished his job, flushed, washed hands, switched off the lights, closed the door and came back- and promptly fell asleep right on top of me! Instead of crossing me and going to his place… He did all the activities and was wide awake and then the next second he falls asleep on me, so much that even when I called him to move to his place he didnt hear! I then huggrd him for a couple mins and gently moved him to his place šŸ™‚

-Finally, he calls out to me every single minute if Im not in front of his eyes-
Ammaa,amma,ammmmaaaaa,ammma,ammmmm everything. He wakes up when Im having bath or in the bathroom at 5 in the morning and starts calling for me loud enoigh to wake up the neighbouring households šŸ˜¦ Sometimes when Im right there and he hasnt seen me, to hide his smile he tells me “I only called to say I love you” šŸ˜› Cheeky fellow.
And I have to respond everytime – “I love you -say!” Say-because I cant say too – too means katti in kannada as per the school kids – and I should’nt be katti with him at all…so I always respond with “I love you Say” šŸ˜€
The other day I took him to the supermarket and he was sitting inside the trolley. Since it was a large trolley and I couldnt push it into an aisle, I told him to wait there will I go and pick up the stuff. 10 seconds into the aisle, I hear him calling Ammmaaaaaaaaa, I turn and look at him and make an action that Im right there and he gives me a huge grin and says in the same LOUD voice “I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU” šŸ˜€ everyone around turned to see who this amma was that he loves so much! Needless to say, I had an even bigger grin of pleasure and embarassment mixed together… Im just enjoying while it lasts šŸ˜€


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