Finally a sort of book post

Finally a Book Post

Thanks to blogging and book reviews, I got inspired by the reviews written by TGND and Maya and read a few books from their recomendations. With too many things happening, couldnt actually read a lot though this year.

Books by Michelle Moran – Started with Nefertiti that TGND had highly reco’ed and then couldnt resist buying Cleapatra’s daughter and the Heretic Queen. Totally loved these books – transported me to a different Era. The view points in Nefertiti, the politics, how young girls think of powerplay – I was astonished and shocked! Really? A 13 year old can plan and plot so much?! Loved the love story of the sister and then partial continuation of the clan in Heretic Queen. Cleopatra’s Daughter comes as a much later date but that again was kind of an eye opener about the Roman empire. For someone like me who likes history but cant read it because its very dry and boring – these books like those of the Taj Series were a good insight into history wanting me to read more.

The Krishna Coriolis Series by Ashok Banker – This is a series of only Krishna stories that as the author himself mentions, has been gathered from around the country-most stories that we know and some that are very local and interesting to read. Ofcourse, the series hasnt ended yet and after finishing reading the 7th book, Im now waiting for the next part of it.

Not the best series like the Mahabharatha but still good timepass reads.

That reminds me – anyone reading his MBA series? I wonder when the next book will be out. 

Ramesh Menon’s Ramayana – I had read Ramesh Menon’s Mahabharatha and loved it, and since Maya keeps talking about Ramayana – I picked that up too. I liked the story telling but didnt convince me of Rama as God again – sorry Maya! But what I did like about the storyline was that it never wanted to preach about Rama being God-which is acceptable to me and so finished the whole series though it took me nearly a month of night reading to do so.

I also caught up on some of my regular Nora Roberts and JD Robb fixed along with reading some of the other books by Indian authors that I’ve forgotten-so totally not worth mentioning here.

Currently, started reading Living with the Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama- like it but its not giving me that urge to read and finish. Maybe I need to mentally re-adjust and tell myself that it IS a book to slow read and assimilate.

This year, post april, I think I will be sitting at home for atleast 3-4 months and I need a lot of books to keep me occupied-so please, put plenty of book reviews that I can pick up later… Sooo looking forward to those days 😀


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