More Travel Tales – Red Earth – Kabini

Like every year, this year too we planned to take a quick break for the anniversary. My parents were leaving to London the week after our anniversary,hubby’s Pune travel plans were getting fixed, Chutku’s school had just begun and things were getting hectic. So it had to be somewhere close by and someplace we hadnt seen. Hubby wanted something different – like
seeing a tiger and we had been seeing a lot of Tiger photos that friends had clicked and uploaded on FB – so it was decided we would go to Kabini.

By the time the decision was taken, it was quite late and the jungle lodges was almost booked. While searching for other options which would have variety to keep the little fellow also occupied and happy I stumbled on Red Earth and a couple more places. I promptly sent the links to the husband and within the next hour he calls and says “I’ve booked Red Earth”.

I was surprised! He is never one to take such a quick decision and generally asks me to do all the bookings but this time around he finished the booking by himself too! A good start, I thought πŸ™‚

Since our anniversary was on a monday which we took off, we started on the previous saturday and reached around 2:30 pm. We were told that the safari would be arranged by the resort people only and that we had to only accompany them. So at 3:30 post lunch we drove further towards Rajiv Gandhi National Park and got into the safari canter. The 2 hour drive within the forest was awesome! We saw a family of elephants with a small one along taking the small
one to the water, plenty of deer but not the elusive tiger. We were told that since it had been raining, the tigers had plenty of water inside the jungle for them to come out to the man made water holes. The 2 hour drive just zipped past and we were soon back at the resort.

We thought we would take the safari the next morning at 5:30am and asked for an alarm call at 5am. We quickly called it a day after the drive from Bangalore and Chuktu not having slept that afternoon.

The next morning, I was just plain lazy to wake up and since Chuktu was also in a very good sleep, poor hubby who was all eager to go see the tiger decided to drop out too πŸ™‚ Which was a good thing for us to have a relaxed day. We spent the whole day in the resort – We took a walk to the water, took pictures, let Chutku play on the trampoline, had relaxed breakfast and lunch and the best part was this – there was a private jacuzzi outside our
room, which was enclosed within a compound ( apparently the hubby checked out the website and saw this, which was why he booked it, good thinking hubby)- Chutku called it his swimming pool and we spent most of the morning and afternoon playing in that water πŸ™‚ Later in the evening we went on a cycle ride on the plain grassy banks of the kabini – the resort is built near the back
waters of the kabini dam, went on a bullock cart ride and a coracle ride as the sun set. It was so calm and peaceful and serene.

Once we got back, the hubby decided that he will make use of the voucher for the spa and went for a head massage while I took Chutku for another round of trampoline and a movie viewing. During dinner the owner came and spoke to us and mentioned that from that next week
there was a monsoon offer starting while we said that we opted for this particular weekend because it was our anniversary the next day-monday.She asked us if we would like a special dinner but we refused since we had Chutku with us and we really didnt like such things.

The next day morning, while I got a head massage myself and went in all dirty for breakfast- we had a surprise! There was a nice table setup for us for breakfast and everyone was instructed to wish us and they also made Chutku give me a rose – all the while I was feeling so yucky and oily!! πŸ˜› We had no clue that something like this would be done. Well anyway,it was a nice happy feeling, post which we checked out and got back home in time for dinner and a house full of cousins πŸ™‚

Anniversay weekend well spent. I’ve now been reccomending anyone with an active child to try out this Red Earth place – A perfect place for a weekend getaway with plenty of activity to do, or just sit onΒ  hammock and laze around with a book – take your pick… πŸ™‚



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