How I have spent these last few weekends

Ever since it was decided that the hubby will travel before me, I have been thinking that the weekends are finally going to be a relaxed affair and I can do what ever I want and those 2 days are all going to be free.

But what do you know! Man Proposes and God Disposes! Every weekend has been a hectic running around.

Dec 20th – First it was the Little Monster’s birthday and I was busy that weekend painting his shirt and making arrangements for the cake and other things.

Dec 27th -The weekend after that, I had to take the LM for his 5th year booster dose vaccine – one on each leg and the whole weekend went in tending to his fever and hurt leg – poor fellow couldnt walk at all and I had carry him around even for the bathroom…ofcourse he was clingier than ever-not that I blame him poor thing.

Jan 3rd – The weekend after that was kind of hurried too. Im trying to sell off stuff and friends have been helping me -by buying from me πŸ™‚ So one of them came to pick up the Washing machine and then on sunday had a lunch party with visiting relatives of the in-laws. Thankfully, Chutku had school on saturday, which gave me the opportunity to run out and get some outside work done while he was at school.

Jan 10th – Last weekend was more hectic than all the others! I needed to shift down with my parents so they could start with the house-showing to prospective tenants. 1 me with 2 hands can only carry so much stuff at one time. So, by saturday afternoon despite doing about 20rounds I could hardly setup half the stuff. My friend N came with her 3.5 year old L and we took the kids out to play in the indoor gym close to home. The kids kept us amply occupied until 7pm when my friend left. I love the fact that little L likes our home and likes Chutku’s company – he wanted me and Chutku to go back home with them that night πŸ˜€ muaah.

Jan 11th – Sunday, all morning I was sorting out stuff that I had to send away to the in-laws place and by the time they came at 12:30, I was still a little more than half way thru 😦 In all this confusion, another cousin called and asked if we should take the kids to a story telling session on MG Road that afternoon from 4:30 to 5:30 by the Bangalore Story telling group – Heads and Tales. Decided to brave the evening and said yes! Chuktu was thrilled to be meeting his fave cousin A and we got picked up and driven around. After the story telling session, the adults needed some coffee and we headed up to Das Prakash right there on MG Road Boulevard. The idea was just coffee for us and something for the kids. But the owner of the restaurant was right there, and he decided to give us everything thats the speciality there – Patrala Dosa, GoLi bajjis, Rave vadas, Irish Stew, Ice creams for the kids, Special samosas – whew! I ate so much that I had to skip dinner after that!! Everything was simply yummyyyy. And to top it off, we werent charged for anything that was offered for taste except the coffees and the cheese and set dosas we ordered! Only thing was we had to listen to the owner uncle talk through 85% of our time there and though I got irritated at first that he was just not letting us be – felt guilty later for thinking such thoughts because they refused to accept the payment! Well, got back only by 8pm, some more sorting stuff around and Ive finally moved in with my parents.

Jan 17th – More shifting and sorting stuff and shopping for the whole week. This shifting stuff doesnt seem to end at all! Questions and more confusions on what to do with so much of stuff – that too relatively we have a lot lesser than most people since we’ve been moving homes nearly every 2 – 3 years. Mom is away on work related stuff for 3 nights and 3 days so Im already thinking how I can manage breakfast and lunch for those 3 days. Sunday – parents’ friends visited and had lunch with us, so never realised how quickly the day just passed by…


3 thoughts on “How I have spent these last few weekends

  1. Wow! You do have a busy life at the moment! It is tough, packing up your home and relocating. I’ve been through that. But its great that you have so much family around you. Hugs!

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