Thoughts on online shopping

There was a time, about a couple or so years ago, when I didnt think about going online for shopping. Shopping for me was about touching and feeling and trying it on before buying. But over a period of time, I saw that a lot of family and friends were vouching for online shopping – everything from clothes to cosmetics to home furnishings to jewellery and electronics!

That was when I decided that I didnt want to be left behind and I have to understand how the whole thing works. The hubby started with ordering some pen drives on Amazon while I started with guess what – Books πŸ™‚ Obviously – couldnt go wrong there now, could I? Flipkart became a regular. Then one time, mom wanted a pair of comfortable closed sandals and we bought a pair for 1799/- in Shoppers Stop. The next weekend when I was checking Myntra, I saw the same pair for 799!! I cool, 1000rs lesser! Same brand, same color and I decided to pick it up for myself. When it arrived, I checked the quality of them both – the touch and feel and found no difference. I was totally hooked – I have now stopped shopping for footwear in stores! Even if I like a pair, I check the brand, come home and pick it up online πŸ™‚ The next graduation was clothes – picked some simple T-shirts for Chuktu and liked the softness of them. Then on a shopping spree, picked up 5 Tshirts for the hubby at nearly half the price we would’ve paid if we had bought those brands at any of these shopping malls. But I was still apprehensive about returning. Thankfully, a pair of sandals ended up being tight that forced me to return – now, that gave me confidence of getting my money back and returning without hassles.

The best part of the whole thing is that I can do this shopping late into the night-when Chuktu is asleep, even after a long day at work. Especially if I need to pick up something as a gift for someone and I just dont have the time to go and pick that perfect something! I love the fact that I can buy them all anything of my choice that I feel would be personal without ending up giving a gift voucher. I have the time and liberty to browse through loads of stuff and order them without having to stress about the time. Mostly the things also get delivered within a week. If there is some problem-all I need to do is call up their 24/7 and they will promptly respond with a refund or give me a solution that would be good.

I still refrain from buying clothes for myself-I need to try them on before I feel 100% sure and I dont think I would do online shopping for groceries or veggies as I still like to see the freshness and enjoy going around looking at things on display-well some retain therapy is still essential for the eyes and soul-dont you think? πŸ˜‰


One thought on “Thoughts on online shopping

  1. Sia

    My first time here.. Online shopping is really catching up these days. And with easy returns and replacements it is very convenient too. Happy shopping πŸ™‚

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