Green Tea Effects

Oh yeah! Here it comes again- the weight issue! I just realised, that this is taking up quite some blogspace here these days. Maybe because I’ve finally decided to do something about it?

In the initial post, I wrote about how I didnt bother doing anything at all last year – only the intentions were good with no effort. Now, thats a line I should use in office for work too with some people I guess 😉

I did do a small start though-with green tea instead of coffee at work. Thanks to a dear friend N who decided to do that and get me hooked to it. Initially I began to add a cube of sugar to it but got shotdown by the girls who said its a waste to even drink it if Im going to make it so sweet-so gave up and started trying different flavours. Then Dad mentioned that having it first thing in the morning helps reduce cholestrol and belly fat, so started having it in the morning with a spoon of honey-I have now slowly graduated to not adding sugar but
still prefer to have it flavoured. Since I started in November, I’ve been searching for different flavours to try. Have loved the smell of Lemon and cinnamon so far though at the end of it-it all tastes the same. Another good thing that came out of it was, it forced me to have a big glass of water that I hardly used to drink otherwise.

My friend OnlySno, when she got back from her Christmas vacations told me very strongly to weigh myself once, since she felt I had lost weight. While I pooh-poohed the idea, it gave me a teeny-weeny hope and I did come home and weigh myself…Tadaaa! I have effectively
lost 1.5kgs over the last 2 months! Suuper-O-Suuuper!! 😀 I now have hope  that my weight can be budged and that has given me a new hope. I have finally started to work out in the mornings
at the office gym and making all those gym clothes I bought worthwhile.Its just been a week and Im not going to weigh myself just yet (Have hogged the Turkish sweets and liquer chocolates that brother has sent over the weekend and can feel all of that jiggling in my tummy and settling neatly on those ‘love handles’) but I do hope that I can loose the no. of
kgs that I want to before I travel – The incentive – to be able to wear all those clothes that I would love to wear during the summers there without being conscious of the unwanted bulges
😀 Crossing my fingers…


4 thoughts on “Green Tea Effects

  1. Wooo.. 1.5kgs… was it just the green tea or did you anything along with that.. I have been taking green tea, 3ish in the afternoon for a month now and I haven’t checked my weight.. I guess I should too!!

  2. thats very impressive.. 1.5kgs.. I have tried green tea but was never able to stick on to it as may be I still have strong flavored buds.. It feels just like hot water to me 😦

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