A Lazy Holiday

“Holiday” means going out somewhere to some new place, staying in a hotel, seeing places. For us, we cram our holidays into doing and seeing everything a place has to offer and enjoy it. We plan mostly in such a way that we get 1 day in a resort, IF we are spending a lot of money on the place where we will stay-that too, now that we travel with Chutku. Otherwise, we
only stay at a BnB and make the most of the day outdoors.

Some people travel and stay at one resort and just do nothing at all or go to a relatives’ house and not do anything – Now, this idea seems to be appealing to me off late πŸ˜€ Go someplace and stay at a cousins’ or a friends’ and leisurely decide if we even want to go out or not, or stay indoors and just maybe chat and
play monopoly, dont bother with bathand packing and rushing out and dont bother about where Chutku is and dont bother about his meal times πŸ˜€ I would love to do one holiday like that.

I am thinking about where I can go and do that -where I could go and stay put for 3 days and I can say that I want to relax and I wouldnt be judged πŸ˜€ where I know I can laze around in my pyjamas and tea and coffee and breakfast and lunch would all be served where Im sitting
watching mindless TV or playing some boardgame or yapping away or the best thing – reading an amazing book. Chutku is being taken care of and amply occupied with his own company- he is just too busy playing with friends or cousins that he would be as least bothered as me to check where I am πŸ˜› instead of calling “Amma,Amma” every second minute.

Ah! Just thinking about a holiday like that makes me sigh with pleasure πŸ™‚ Basically “Do what you want, when you want and a no checklist day”… Now I just need to know who would host me like that…



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