Royal Rajasthan – Day 10 – Back home to namma Bengaluru

The journey from Sawai Madhopur to Jaipur was the shortest – 2hrs and we had planned an afternoon of shopping too. We started from Ranthambore at 10am but the driver decided to take
the inner village roads rather than the highway which was a bad decision. By the time we reached Jaipur it was 1pm. After a quick lunch, (we didnt want to eat too much as we were travelling and after Chuktu’s stomach upset episode, we all became a little more careful) we
decided to go to Bapu Bazaar.

Though I had nothing specific in mind to buy – I had already bought my gifts for my friends, I was looking for a ghaghra silk material for myself that I could get stitched and carry with me to the US. So, we went around asking in 50 shops – Yeah, I know 50 shops because the whole street is filled with shops on both sides with all shops numbered. One of the places we went, we decided to buy sarees with rajasthani prints for both the moms and that was it. It was already 4pm and we had to reach the airport by 5pm. While driving around the city we had seen
a Kulfi shop and we all wanted to have one last Kulfi before we started back. So off we went near Hawa Mahal again to eat that kulfi. And there, where we parked was a cloth shop that I couldnt avoid peeping into. There – there was my perfect silk legenga with bandhini prints in pink and blue… While the hubby and Chutku were busy eating their kulfis, I quickly bargained with the shop keeper, told him that I want only the lehenga material, also picked up a sherwani for Chuktu and ran to get the money from the hubby – he was so shocked that I
finished it all, before he finished his kulfi that he promptly just handed me the cash 😀

We then rushed to the airport and reached by 5:15 only to see a long queue and extra checking for baggages. We managed to finish the checkin and security by 6:30 for the flight at 7:20. Co-sis had the best idea in the morning and we had asked the lodge to provide us with khichdis for the kids which we fed them at the airport and we decided to take something in the flight.

Finally, landed in namma Bengaluru by 10pm and reached home by 11:20. The drive back home again was peaceful with Chuktu sleeping and hubby and I thinking that no matter where we go and how much we enjoy, the minute we are back in Bengaluru the peace and the pleasure is
something else altogether. We just felt so happy to be back, knowing that for the hubby it would be a short and busy stay before he had to leave Bengaluru again…




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