Royal Rajasthan – Day 7 – Udaipur- part 2

I had stopped at us having finished lunch at this college hangout. Now what happens after that –

Our little monster who had eaten a full packet of Lays chips for brkfast after throwing a tantrum for it and then eating poha decided he wanted to use the bathroom. He complained of stomach ache and said he couldnt hold it any longer! I just decided right there that I wanted to go back to the hotel-I wasnt carrying any spares for him! Everybody realised that it was an emergency and agreed to go back to the hotel. Little did we realise that it was easier said than done- we had to go all around the city to get to our hotel which had taken us hardly 15mins to get into by walk that morning! By the time we reached the hotel it was 3pm and everyone decided to take a breather and start by 4pm again.

We started with the intention of going to the ropeway, Saheliyon ki badi,the summer palace on top of a hill, Fatehsagar lake and be back to the city palace for the Sound and Light show at 6:30pm. In between, we also wanted to see if we could squeeze in a quick round of shopping, as we had seen plenty of small shops around the city palace.

We decided we will first finish the summer palace, seeing the Fatehsagar lake on the way. When we reached the lake, Chutku was excited to see the speed boats and water scooters, so the indulgent father decided we will all take a very expensive, totally not-worth-it, speed boat ride-all of 5 mins! But that put our schedule back by about 20-30 mins. We then went to Saheliyon ki baadi – which is a small park with lots of fountains which was constructed by the Raja for his queen and her friends to relax and enjoy the cool weather by the waters of the Fatehsagar lake. We also got to know that the summer palace does not have anything on display and is only a sunset point and we would be late for the sound and light show if we went there. So, we decided to give that AND the ropeway a miss and headed towards City palace with 1/2 hour to spare for shopping. We quickly looked around and I bought a joothi. I was looking for a small Jharokha but every jharokha was quite big and I decided to leave them, as by then we knew that we would be travelling very soon.

At 6:30, we took the tickets for the sound and light show and once again walked into the courtyard of the Udaipur City palace. Lovely show, very informative and worth going for. It was all about the princesses and the kings and how the Rajput kings never actuall invaded anyone but were always defending their forts. A totally well-spent hour. By the time we finished the sound and light show, it was getting very cold and we called our driver. The driver, a very smart man, came in an auto and said that it would be best we travelled back in an auto that would be quicker than our innova. So, we got into the Auto assuming the driver knew the route to our hotel. It turned out that the auto driver was as new to Udaipur as us! He had no clue where he was going and at 7:30 in the night, he took us to the Lake Pichola boating and view point! He had heard Lake Pichola – so he promptly took us there! We then had to ask him to re-route, we gave him directions, and finally reached the hotel by 8:15. The 2 kids were exhausted and had slept in the auto itself and so we decided to order in room service and retired for the night. As soon as Chutku drifted off to sleep, we opened the balcony door and had dinner watching the lights of the city across the lake 🙂 Quiet, companionable dinner… Well, the day couldnt have ended better.


    See Chutku running to the entrance gate?




I like the colorful entrances and interiors at all these hotels we stayed. I should’ve put up pictures of our hotels from day 1…


View of the City Palace from the hotel lobby


     Roof top restaurant


                Sahelion ki Baadi



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