Royal Rajasthan – Day 5 – Tanot Mata-Jodhpur

As I said, the BIL had heard about this place called Tanot Mata-about 150kms towards the border from Jaisalmer and had a deep desire to see this place. We had a very early morning, had bath with the heater turned on in the bathroom partition at 6:30 freezing am in the morning, a quick breakfast-again very yummy and fresh while Chuktu chased sparrows around the dining tent πŸ™‚

Digress: I forgot to mention the accommodation at the desert camp. While we checked in at 2pm in the afternoon, it was so hot that we switched on the fan and chose to stay inside the tent accommodation until we had to leave for the safari. The whole tent is made up of thick cloth with a zipped opening for the door and another smaller partition for the bathroom-again with a zipped cloth door. At midnight, it got so freezing cold that I hardly slept all night-we decided against the heater as the husband gets dehydrated with the heater and gets a headache and nose bleed. So, I woke up in the middle of the night, added another quilt and tried to sleep but my nose and my toes (despite socks) were freezing. In the morning since we had to get ready really early, I turned on the heater to get some warmth inside the bathroom while we had bath. Despite a hot water bath and the heater turned on Chuktu and I were freezing by the time we got ready.


We started at about 8am and drove through the desert towards Tanot Mata temple. The speciality of this temple is that it is situated very close to the border and apparently during the India-Pakistan war, no bombs exploded within the vicinity of the temple. They have kept all these unexploded bombs on display inside the temple. The roads to this place is extremely well-maintained by the Border Security and is a joy to drive on. Here is where we saw the real desert land scape, with mile and miles of just desert with sparse life around. The temple is manned by Border Security people and though the BIL took a chance with request to go to the border-it was quite obviously refused. Despite this not being in our list of things to see, it was worth going to.

Since our driver was really slow and the roads are really well maintained with not a vehicle in sight for miles together, the husband decided to drive all the way upto Jaisalmer where we had a quick lunch. We finally got Churma as a sweet but it wasnt all that great. Our quest for good Churma continued.

Another 5 hrs drive through desert and vast golden sand lands we reached The Kothi Heritage in Jodhpur. This was a last minute pick of a hotel because we were searching for a heritage haveli style and got this within our budget. Ah! What a relief-another very well maintained place. More of Jodhpur tomorrow πŸ™‚








One thought on “Royal Rajasthan – Day 5 – Tanot Mata-Jodhpur

  1. I love the pic with Chutku and the lion facing each other. So cute! Your Rajasthan series is very interesting. It’s great that you covered so much on your itinerary and also squeezed in a few adhoc places. I’m thoroughly enjoying all the posts, haven’t been able to comment on the previous ones. Lovely pictures too.

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