Chutku’s 5th Birthday Letter

My Darling Chutku,

Shall I begin to start addressing you here as little boy? Or little monster? Those names seem to suit you much better than Chutku – because, that, you no longer are. Like you yourself claim, you have become a big boy now, coming all the way above my waist. Anyone who sees you,
asks how old you are and exclaim about your height.

You, my little one, have grown. Not just in height but in your mind too.Like your Ammamma/thatha always said – you realise the child is growing up when he gets bad behaviour!

And how! You know just where and when to throw tantrums, how to get your way and how to back answer too! It infuriates me when you back answer and I scream back at you, only realising much later that I could have handled it better with a wee bit of patience. Sadly – I loose my
mind with you. A lot of times when the day ends and you are sleeping peacefully next to me, I regret the fight we would’ve had and think I should handle it better the next time.Anyway Im sure, there are plenty more next times to come!

There, that was the first thing on my mind. Lets talk about more nicer stuff – Im surprised by your clarity of thoughts and your actions. Suddenly in a PTM your teacher says-he is one of the more mature kids in the class and then the next PTM the same teacher says that you are very naughty and you even cause fights in the class! So what am I supposed to hold on to? I take both with a pinch of salt. You are growing up with your own thought processes and
influences, no matter how much I try to control the environment, its not always possible. So I just learn to let-go.

There are times, when you get your home work done in a jiffy and then there are days when Im ready to pull out the hair on my head trying to get you to finish 3 lines of the letter ‘j’!! One thing that is always for certain though – your 13847596067 questions, your non-stop
chatter and your unbridled energy. My God! Even past 11pm, when your Dad and I are just waiting to drop off to sleep, you sit up in bed and ask questions or you want to get out of bed and play! These days, I even let you do it. You are very sensitive and have amazing observation powers! Every little thing comes to your notice and more than my screaming you are affected by my sad face. I love it that you care-care for that little butterfly that is not able to fly out of the home or about that little ant crossing the road-that you scream – Amma,
dont stamp that ant! You are most happiest when there are people around you and Im proud that you can engage any one of them in a conversation and I have noticed, that people do respond to you-even as their expression is one of surprise that you are so confidently talking to them 😀

You are still afraid of the dark, especially after watching Chota Bheem and Little Krishna. You prefer to “huggie Sleep” with me or your Dad especially on those nights when you are afraid. You still want to be woken up by me,carried around and you LOVE to be pampered 😀 It hurts you when we refuse to make you sit on our laps or we refuse to give you that hug. You continue to be possessive about us and hate it when we talk to little R on skype or carry little S or even call them by any pet names. Forget carry any other baby 🙂 There- there still seems to be some amount of innocence and baby-ness left in you which I still cherish…

I can feel you growing up in more ways than one. Im going to start calling you the little monster (LM) from now on in this space, because I really dont think you are Chutku anymore 🙂

May your quest for more answers continue and let nothing stop you from getting those answers, Baby.



5 thoughts on “Chutku’s 5th Birthday Letter

  1. What a lovely letter. I enjoyed the way you have closely observed his behavioural traits and beautifully written them down. I’m sure he will cherish these blogposts when he would read them in the future. Felt so happy to know how caring he is. The Chip and Dale painting is so awesome yaar.

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