Chutku’s 5th Birthday

So the little boy turned 5 on 22nd December.We always thought that we would have a big birthday party for him when he turns 5, thinking he will remember it and would enjoy it too. I had even narrowed down the venue and had almost called them to finalise the whole thing when suddenly within a week, the husband’s travel plans were confirmed and he travelled-just 5 days before the birthday. The big birthday party idea was dropped.

I felt guilty. Though we had not told Chutku about the party plans (Thank God!) I felt like I was cheating him in someway.I painted his birthday T-shirt of Chip and Dale that he has asked for.I took the day off. Woke him up, spent time getting him ready -didnt loose my cool, bought chocolates for him to give in class and sent him to school. Picked him up from School, fed him lunch, took him with me to pick up a small cake, ensured he slept in the afternoon. Evening, just called his best friend and cousin A, and we went to an indoor kids gymΒ  which is walking distance from home. The 2 little monkeys had a LOT of fun while we moms took a break and had our evening Chai πŸ™‚ – win-win you see. Got the kids home and did a cake cutting. The blueberry-coffee cake was much loved by the grandparents and A’s mom that the half kg cake got over in no time! πŸ˜€ Once A and her mom left, we made the call to talk to Chutku’s Dad who was WAITING to talk to him and then headed out for dinner to the nearest hotel.

In all, the little fellow had a good day. Im not sure if he would remember the day, but I wanted to ensure that he had a day different from all the other days and that he enjoyed it. I think I succeeded – poor kid didnt ask for more. Gifted him the same activity book set that I had got as return gift and he was very happy with that. A’s mom has bought him a trolley bag which he is thrilled with and wants to take to school!

As a birthday gift this year, I wanted to buy him a piggy bank but in the frenzy of the Dad having to travel, I completely forgot about it 😦 So, I will pick it up as a gift for him but Im just thinking of the right occasion πŸ˜›

For him, the highlight of the day was that I picked him up from school (poor boy) and that he and A got to play in that kiddy gym on a “School-day” ! Thank God for small joys in the little minds πŸ™‚

As for me – as long as he had a good day to remember, no bigger/costlier party is required.


5 thoughts on “Chutku’s 5th Birthday

  1. ‘as long as he had a good day to remember, no bigger/costlier party is required.’ – absolutely! Happy (belated though!) birthday to the little big man! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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