Anticipating 2015

If 2014 picked up pace mid-year, 2015 promises to start with a sprint.
Home and Hearth – The husband has finally travelled to the USofA on a long term assignment, and Im trying to wrap up stuff here so we can join him as soon as summer sets in there. That would be April-May and Chutku would’ve finished his school year here. Lots to work on the
“Wrapping up” though. I still dont know what to take, what to pack, what to sell and if its even worth a cargo or not. The husband is yet to move to the house where we would be staying and until that happens everything here has to wait. I’ve partially shifted in with my parents and we try to work out the daily stuff as each day goes by.

Work-wise – As a resolution last year, I had written “concentrate on career – I need to stop looking back at what I left behind when I moved from mainstream delivery to support. Its been 2 yrs now, I need to take stock of situation and see how I can grow from where I am today.
Baby steps have been initiated and I hope to get to a better place by my standards, atleast by the end of the year.”

Well – I guess it paid off! I was a part of the key team in July where only 8 people from the organisation were chosen and since October I have been handling an entire unit by myself. I would say it was one resolution that worked. I dont know what to look forward to in this area with all the impending changes.

Health-wise – The weighty-matters continue and I have not done much about it. I did start with the Julia Michaels 20min shred for nearly a month and then gave up mostly because I got bored of exercising alone. Havent really put on much weight but havent lost anything either. So its just stagnated there. Only small change is that I have begun to drink green tea twice daily and try not to eat oily/sweet stuff/chocolates daily 😦 Though sometimes the craving is just so much that I give in 😦 The idea of going to the gym continues atleast to make use of the gymwear I bought after spending a small fortune! Lets see where that goes.

On the creative side – There was nothing I did last year except again the customery Chutku birthday t-shirt of Chip and Dale and I painted one more for a close friend’s son – Thomas the train. With so much happening everyday, I hardly got time to think of any such creativity and struggled to atleast maintain some 15mins of me-time to read before bed. So, this year Im
looking forward to some time on hands where I can get to do something more creative. Hoping that this move to new country and new house would bring in some enthusiasm combined with the
fact that I might not be working for atleast a few months to DO something instead of just planning and thinking.

Plenty to look forward to in 2015 and plenty of apprehensions come along with it too.

So what are all of you looking forward to in 2015?


6 thoughts on “Anticipating 2015

  1. First things first, congratulations on your achievement on the work front. I’m so happy that you achieved what you had resolved for yourself. Kudos!

    I can imagine what kind of a situation you are in right now. Relieved that your parents are now back and with you. I’m sure they will miss Chutku badly once you both leave yaar.

    You better not leave this space after the blogathon haan? Will stay on your case 😛

  2. I am curious to know which city you are moving to. Drop me an email if you don’t want to write it in here.

    Do let me know if you need any help of the moving. I might be able to give some tips.

  3. congratulations on your work front RS.. I am also curious to know the city you are moving to.. Just that eagerness to meet and have a virtual friend nearby 🙂 Pls drop me an email..

  4. Ayyo you moving?:( I hope we can squeeze in a meet before that plsss!?!

    And now with that done, congrats on the career front and good luck for everything else 🙂

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