2014- In Retrospect

Where did the year just vanish?! It has been a whirlwind year with so many things happening sometimes and then suddenly nothing at all happening at other times.

Best and sweetest news of the year was that I became an “Atthe”! I now have a cute little niece 😀 and Im trying to teach her to say “atthe” on Facetime 😛

The parents travelled to UK for 3 months to help Brother-SIL with the new born from July to September which was the most busiest part of the year. I had the Org level reassessment/Husband travelled to Pune every week and the in-laws pitched in by staying with me to help me with Chutku’s school and schedule.

Being chosen to be a  part of the Organisation reassessment which was a career high for me. Really happy that the team has noticed my contribution within 2 years of moving here.

Managing Home – office -home and the travelling that comes with it, without the husband, wasnt easy, but has now given me the confidence that I can do it – thats an ego-booster to me!

In between all the confusions of husband and parents travelling, we managed quite a few fun trips as well. Planning and executing these trips not only kept me busy but also gave me lots of positive energy rather than get bogged down by everything else.

Like always, *Touchwood* friends and family have been around for me to vent and care for me -always a phone call away to hear me out and give me strength, pulled me up before I realised I
was going down – just by being there. I have much to thank God for, in that department.

By the end of the year, the husband has already travelled, Im making plans and arrangements to travel too and things seem to continue at a fast pace and would maybe continue to be until mid
year this year.

So, how has the year been for all of you?



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