How I Ushered the New Year…

Like every year, this year too there was a 31st night party organised by the elders in the family. Sadly, since most of the cousins have travelled to other shores-Australia and the USA, including the Dear hubby, the crowd was dismal. Since Im still here in namma bengaluru with Chutku, I decided it would be really bad and sad if I didnt attend it either.

So last evening, came home from work, mom fed Chuktu his dinner and I made him wear the new clothes I had bought just the day before – I have this small tradition for myself-I always bring in the new year in new clothes, so I obviously need to do the same for Chuktu :-), and waited for FIL to come pick us up. There was one other young cousin, who made all the necessary Skype and Facetime calls around the world and then promptly left to party with his friends. So at the end, it was just 7 elders,me and Chuktu.

But guess what? The fun never diminished a single bit! We played Antakshari for nearly 2hrs and it was SOOOO MUCH FUN! Since I was the youngest, they made me dance too and gave Chuktu chance to sing and dance, played lovely old melodies in tribute of the movie stars who passed away last year, the older couples also danced, because I didnt have my big partner, I danced with my little partner 🙂 – It was just the same amount of fun. Food was amazing too.

Today morning one of the aunts sends a message that Chutku and I were the Jaan of the party and they all enjoyed because of us. Along with all the fun last night, we have also been heartily blessed. In the morning, we woke up late and Mom has taken care of the cooking. Just woke up from an aftenoon nap and the little fellow is peacefully playing by himself right now on the bed, as I type this.What more to ask for?

Oh yeah! I also grabbed a sho of PK with a friend on 31st December. So the year ended with a bang and the new one has begun just as I visualise it – lazy and relaxed 😀

How did you bring in your new year?


4 thoughts on “How I Ushered the New Year…

  1. What a perfect to a year and a beginning to a new year! May your year ahead be just as fun! I was imagining Chutku as he was when we met, when I realised that he must be quite a young lad now, it’s been over two years!

  2. a lovely start and here’s wishing the year 2015 is the same all through for you and everyone around you ..

    how i ushered it , well not so good but tomorrow is always a new day …

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