Happy New Year-2015!

Happy New Year!!
Happy New Year!!
Wishing all the readers – 1 atleast? A very very happy, healthy new year!

So, its been like I just vanished into thin air after last year’s blogathon. So much has happened that I could’ve blogged about, so much has not happened that I could crib about here too. But I guess I was just very lazy and in my own cocoon the last year to be putting down the happenings here.

For the friends from the blog world who made an attempt to keep in touch with me – RM,Maya,Seema – thank you! If not for you, I would not have wanted to come back. Seema – I hope to live up to the expectations!!
Congratulations for all the wonderful things that have happened to each one of you over the last 11 months and All the very best to the year ahead!

Blogathon 2015 – Bring it on!

NOTE: Like I already mentioned, I HAVE been in my own cocoon and most of the posts would only be personal than discussions. Will try to think of more social stuff as the days progress – but read at your own “BORING” risk 🙂


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year-2015!

  1. Well Its good to have friends who remember you 🙂

    Happy New year to you and everyone around you and here’s wishing all your dreams come true in the new year …

    All the best for the blogathon and yeah a surprise I am supposed to be doing it tooo .. but not sure how 🙂

  2. Arey yes ofcourse. You never write boring stuff! Period.

    Would love to read about Chutku and all that happened after last year’s blogathon. It would be great to catch up RS.

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