Friday Fun – Chutku read and writes

Everyday, once I reach home, I check if Chutku has any homework to get done. Usually, its just 1 page of some alphabet or number at most 2 pages. More often than not, he himself tells me that he has homework.

Sitting in one place, getting that 1 page done used to take sometime initially with lots of erasing and haphazard writing but has improved a wee bit over a period of time. The trouble is with writing within those 4 lines. Otherwise he love to write – give him a book and a pen-he is a happy boy. He draws tortoise, bus,duck, car, kite, chutku – with a huge round head and stick legs and arms 😛 . He has also taken to writing all alphabets and he keeps asking us to spell our names so he can write it. It all started with the first time he wrote his own name – Dad wrote his name in dotted lines and the little fellow traced the dotted lines first and then Dad asked him to spell his name as he write and he wrote it 😀 Dad had that piece of newspaper saved and I clicked a picture of the first time the little fellow wrote his own name-a milestone of sorts…

Since both hubby and I are always found with a book in our hand, it sometimes irritates the little fellow. So, now he has begun to read the numbers and the alphabets in our book too… The first time, he was sitting on the potty and while I was waiting for him to finish, I had a book in hand. He began to read the capital letters on the book and he was thrilled 😀 He said “Amma noduuuu, illu ABCD ide” *Amma see, there is ABCD here too* There has been no stopping him after that – he reads everywhere which is a great thing for us – both in terms of keeping him occupied and teaching him new words and sounds.

He sees a bus or table – says “Amma bus,bus-ba,ba-b, Amma B for Bus; Amma table, table-ta, ta-T, Amma T for Table” – so he has started to identify the sounds,letters and the words for most of the alphabets which makes me feel that he is learning something in school 😀

PS: He has a PTM tomorrow and Im beginning to get worried about what the teacher might say…


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