Weighty Matters

Come new year and most people I talk to have this New Year resolution of weight loss and getting healthy. For all these years I never cared about it, I somehow managed to stay at the ideal weight for my age and height. But offlate, I guess “Middle Age” is catching up with me too… Slowly but surely, I’ve been adding the numbers on the kilos. Im now atleast 4-5kgs more than my ideal weight and reaching the borderline of “Over weight”.

Now the issue is this, anyone who sees me on a daily basis cannot make out the weight gain. They all think that Im just being fussy. But in reality, Im now slowly begining to see the difference – A little bit of flab here and there, I feel the fat where there wasnt that much…the jeans that dont need a belt anymore, the trouser that would fit like a dream now needs a held breath to be hooked…little things…And Im scared of the “Pear shape” – I always associate it with Aunties – sorry, call me shallow, but thats what it is…

But what am I doing about it-nothing, I have tried the GM Diet along with the hubby-while he reduced a couple of kilos by the end of it, I did’nt even loose a few grams. Exercise-sigh! Let me not even go there… I keep coming up with pithy excuses not to exercise – its cold, Im catching a cold, I couldnt wake up, Chutku didnt sleep in the night properly, I cant sweat because I will get rashes, Doctor has told me not to go to Gym (Which is true) I dont have company etc etc;Anything and everything…Basically, Im just lazy to keep at something when I dont see the results.

That’s the biggest problem-I need instant results- I exercise for 1 week and expect that my trouser feels better. This works for many of my friends-they just stop a certain type of food – and they loose weight, whereas in my case the stubborn fat refuses to budge a teeny-weeny nanometer also 😦 Its so demotivating…

Everytime I go shopping now, Im careful about what I buy.Earlier I would just pick up an M size very confidently, now while some of them are fine, some of them refuse to go down the errr…bottom…Why cant they make it all the same size? 😦 I am forced to try every kurta I buy now and tell the tailor to make my dresses a couple of inches looser – you know-just incase these inches decide to grow…

Im slowly getting very conscious of what others are thinking about my dressing sense – does by behind look bigger in this trouser, should I stop wearing this top… Maybe I need to get this kurta loosened a bit? Tuck my tummy in for pictures…

You know, thoughts I didnt have before are cropping up… I NEED to do SOMETHING about this – HELP! Give me ideas please!! Which doesnt involve anything to do with moving my hands and legs more than necessary πŸ˜›


5 thoughts on “Weighty Matters

  1. I could copy paste this post on my blog. This post contains exactly what I have running in my mind….I donno’ how i’d been able to remain slim all this while, but now i see a flabby tummy staring at me. M size was most comfortable and now my M sized kurta’s start seem a little tight 😦 GM diet – I better take you up seriously πŸ˜›

  2. Sme

    Easy, don’t move anything – hands/legs/jaws! πŸ˜›
    I see u almost everyday but do I have to tell u for the millionth time its not that bad? πŸ™‚
    Different things work for different people. It takes time to figure it out. You will find out soon what works for u. Hang in there.

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