Morning Observations – not the kiddy kind

I had written here  about how I observe the kids on the way to work in the morning. I realised, that on some days when the mind is at peace and eyes are not constantly looking at the watch, they also look at other happenings on the streets.

– Women outside the houses putting water and rangoli in front of the houses with their hair tied up and in the nighties. Roadside sweepers cleaning up the paper pieces and leaves that have fallen in front of the Forum Mall through the night.

– Uncles in monkey caps and Aunties in salwaars and sports shoes and scarfs returning from walk.

– A group of elderly people in a park, forming a laughing club and laughing loudly in the quiet of the early morning.

– Milkman keeping a crate of milk outside the shop and the milkvan unloading.

– The different shades of green – of the palak,curry leaves, coriander,chillies, the reds of tomatoes and carrots, purple of the beetroot, white of the raddish – all stacked by a roadside vendor and looking so fresh in the misty morning sun, that I wish I could just stop the car and pick them all up.

– Autos and 2 wheelers carrying all these fresh veggies in gunny bags, transporting them to their smaller shops in various corners of the city.

– Hurried taxi drivers, breaking the morning quiet with their persistent honks and some uncles refusing to budge as they drive back home slowly from which ever park they had gone for their morning walk.

– Office goers in a hurry honking at the over loaded sand lorry as he tries to cut across the road from the right lane to the left just before the signal turns back to red again.

– Bunch of college kids standing at the single table having their first meet before they enter the college at that Upahara Sagara self service hotel.

– That drunken man, continuing to lie there despite all the noise surrounding him.

– The omlet gaadi with stacks of eggs and flasks of Chai which is surrounded by men gobbling up the hot omlets by the minute.

– The billboards that keep changing – of Tanzanite being more expensive than diamond, apartments and gated communities that seem to be springing up in every nook and cranny available making me wonder how many people would actually fall for an advertisement like this and go spend a fortune.

– Morning office goers-some waiting for their company buses with their tags around their necks, some driving and trying to get a bite of breakfast at the signals…

– Some like me, who dont have to concentrate on the road and drive – look around and see how the rest of the town lives its life…


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