Books on my bedside Table-2

As a New Year gift to ourselves, the hubby and I went and splurged on some books at Blossoms and now very voraciously reading. Here are some that I read recently:

Winners by Danielle Steele – I am a fan of Danielle Steele for a long time.Her english is very simple and I like the way she takes the story forward. Winners is one of her latest about how 17year old who is training for Olympics has an accident and how she overcomes it to live her life to the fullest. There were places where I could relate to some incidents in the book and even had tears in my eyes. But sadly the book is a little too slow for my liking. Some parts of it where the book could be better edited.
My Reccomendation – Read if you like simple writing and can enjoy everyday drama.

Treachery in Death and Calculated in Death – These 2 books are books  37 and 38 in the In Death Series by J D Robb/ Nora Roberts. Again, being a fan of Nora Roberts, I began to read the In Death series that she writes in the name of JD Robb. The stories are set in the future – 2050 to 2060 and I love the fast pace and mystery behind it. The protagonist is the lady Eve Dallas with her partner Delia Peabody are a part of the NYPD Homicide squad and each book is about how they crack the murder mystery. Packed with action and some bits of romance between Eve and her hubby Roarke, each book is unputdownable to me.
My Reccomendation – DO READ! Atleast one to see if you like it…

Sita by Devdutt Patnaik – Just finished and I am yet to respond to Maya on this one 🙂

More to read:

Ramayana by Ramesh Menon – Its too huge a book and the very size has been putting me off it. Need to start once I finish this Calculated in Death.

Mercy by Jodi Picoult – Liked the excerpt at the back of the book, so picked it up. But I always find Jodi Picoult very emotionally heavy. It tends to leave me drained out and depressed for a few days, so this would probably be the last book I will read in my list.

Elizabeth Nobel’s The Girl Next Door – I think I read a review of this book at TGND and wanted to read it since then.

Indu Sundaresan’s The Mountain of Light – Read Maya’s review and since I enjoyed her Taj Mahal Trilogy, picked this one up though there was no discount anywhere.

The Partisan’s Daughter – A random pick that I did at blossom’s because the name of the book caught my eye. Thought will experiment with a new author I have never heard/read before.

The Woods by Harlan Coben for the husband which Im sure I will read too – a murder mystery about 4 missing teenagers one of whose body is found 20yrs later…

And oh! I also picked up War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy because I think I might have now grown up to read this – no? No?!! Let me see, its one big, fat book and just looking at it makes me think – Ah! Now I have this very popular book that I can showoff and say I read – but honestly – give me my JD Robb or Nicholas Sparks, Sidney Sheldon and I will be a happy girl 🙂

What are you all reading now? Any more reccomendations for me to read?


One thought on “Books on my bedside Table-2

  1. New here, through blogathon 🙂 took me so much time to reach tour blog and am only half way through the blogathon list, humph!
    Btw, liked your reading list though it differs completely from the kind of books I read. Whats with Nora Roberts, I should read one soon I guess but the problem is I am confused about which one to start with.
    P.S: Please excuse the fact I will be reading and commenting on your old posts 😀

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