Friday Fun – Chutku’s sleepy tantrums

The 4 year old is coming more and more into his own. He is more vocal and expressive but also a lot more emotional and turns to be clingy too…

Ever since the hubby went to Germany, he thinks that if we go out – it will be after we put him to sleep. So, he insists that we both go to sleep with him and he refuses to go to sleep even if his eyes are closing shut, throws a tantrum and ensures we both go to sleep with him.

This gets very tricky when one of us has to work from home in the evenings and we end up sleeping sooner than he does if we go and lie-down next to him. Even on days when we are late from work, he stays awake, insists that the lights are switched on until we come home and refuses to sleep.

If we doze off before he does, he shakes us and wakes us, sits up in bed and says “Appa, I dont like sleeping”. What to do then? I sometimes pull him into me and my rug, tell him some story or sometimes we just let him unwind on his own and sleep which takes nothing less than a half hour. Which results in foul mood the next morning.

Come morning, no matter where I am and what Im doing, he needs me to wake him up. If I wake him up, roll around in the bed for 5 mins with him, huggie sleep with him or if he wakes up by himself, comes into the kitchen and I carry him, sing to him- things are smooth. His tantrums begin from the bed if I dont wake him up. It seems like his day needs to begin with me… Which is a pleasure when I think of it like that, but on days when my subji is not done and packing is half done or milk has boiled over -it gets tough to keep the patience and carry him for some time or huggie-sleep until he is ready to get up. Some days are just bad-he decides that I need to give him bath, or he wont do potty! :-O or refuses to brush teeth. We just take a huge breath and try to get some patience before we handle that. Some days we just loose it while some days either one of us gets some brainwave and can handle him with distraction and cajoling. Those days we are invariably late for work. There have been bad parenting days when we have let him go without brushing his teeth. The frequency has considerably reduced now,but I dread that by my putting it here, tomorrow would be bad!!

One on the naughtiness: Like I said, until the hubby returns from work, he doesnt like to sleep, so he refuses to even come upstairs to our home with me and insists he will wait for his dad downstairs at my parents’ place. The other day when I went down to call him for dinner he said come back in 5 mins and I will come up with you, 5 mins later when I went down, he said he wanted to have his dinner downstairs and that he should get his food downstairs only. After confirming that he will eat if I get it down, I closed the door and went up. The minute I went up, he looks at my Dad with a naughty squint in his eyes, giggles and tells my Dad “Thatha, Ammanna oDisibiTTe” and bursts out laughing… *I sent Amma away* which means that he is enjoying the fact that he is making me run up and down while he gets those few extra minutes to play downstairs. My Dad instead of reprimanding him, laughs out loud and tells me proudly that the boy is growing up and he is learning all these tricks! Whew! What is it with Fathers turning into Grand Fathers?


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