Bucket List and More

Since Im running out of thoughts and want to stop writing only about Chuktu, I decided to peep into all the prompts that Maya has generously given for the Blogathon.

Now what all things would I want to put up in my bucket list? Here are a few that I always had since I was in college and started observing people and how they lived their lives:

1. To get a job that paid well – When I was studying, Dad always showed me women in the family who worked and managed homes equally well. He showed me those that were in good jobs and mentioned that they earned as well as their husbands. He always told me that he wanted me to be independent and not depend on my husband, especially monetorily. – I’ve done that today – Check on the bucket list.

2. Visit onsite on my own VISA for my work – When I got a job, everyone said that I would quit my job and travel with my husband. Nobody in the family actually thought that I would travel abroad for my work – and I did, hubby took the sabbatical and joined me.So now, Im ready to travel the world with him, quitting my job – Check on the bucket list.

3. Own a home/Apartment by the time Im 35 – When Dad’s cousin bought an apartment before he turned 35, Dad mocked me saying I would never be able to do something like that as Im not as brilliant and wont be earning so much… It irked me no end – a lot of my ambitions came from the fact that Dad always ended up comparing me to others and saying I will not achieve what they have at that age. Though I never gave it much thought, things so happened that we now have our own home though we are paying through our noses to pay the loans!

Digression: I realise as I write these, that the 3 above ambitions/bucket list comes from the fact that I maybe somewhere wanted to prove to my Dad that Im as good as anyone else and no less! That might be fodder for another post some day, so let me not digress….

End Digression.

4. Have a baby by the time Im 30 – The powers above have been kind to me on this one. I was expecting Chutku on my 30th birthday and delivered just a couple of months after. *touchwood* – Check on the bucket list.

5. See Switzerland – Which I did on that Europe trip πŸ˜€

6. Learn to drive a car – Finally, got that done too, though I now know that I dont much enjoy driving.

Some more on the bucket list to go:

7. Learn a new foreign language – Like French/German

8. Learn Swimming

9. See more places – Australia/Egypt/New Zealand/Spain

10. Win an award.(Which is too Far fetched maybe, but still).

Last but not the least:

11. Give back to the society in someway – maybe teach in a school? Just giving money for school fees or donations feels like a farce these days, like a cheap escape from actually getting my hands into some good work and helping in the real sense. Im in awe of Swaram for all that she is so passionately doing and I always feel that I just do not have that kind of guts to do it.

These are the things that I could think of as I sit here past 7pm waiting for the hubby to go home. Might end up doing a whole new list sometime again for all you know!!

So what are the things on your bucket list?


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