My Reaction to Chutku’s school Trip

Sometimes I feel I am turning into an over protective, obsessively concerned parent.

Chutku has a school picnic today. They have taken him to a resort on the outskirts of the city. They had also asked for a letter to let him get into the kiddy pool. When I first read the message and checked out the wesite, I thought “Wow! How much fun he will have” and decided to send him.

My second thoughts began after that. We travelled to Mysore over the weekend and I thought I could make that as an excuse to keep him at home today instead of sending him for one more day of full day fun. The husband though, would hear none of it. He was more thrilled for Chuktu and insisted that unless he has already fallen ill he would be going on this trip. When we returned last evening, I again asked the hubby if we should send him and he said yes. So, I went about packing all the stuff, labelling his extra clothes and bag etc; I wasnt sure I wanted him to get into the kiddy pool but this time my parents too joined the hubby and told me to send that letter of permission. Their arguement being-if all kids are getting into the pool, Chutku will feel very left out if he is not allowed to get in. Once there, if he gets scared and doesnt want to do it – its ok, he will tell the teacher himself. With that arguement that made sense to me, I even sent the letter in his bag today.

In the morning, I woke him up with full josh, told him he is going to a picnic and he will have fun, told him that I have kept his favourite biscuit in the bag and got him ready. But I also kept hugging him and telling him to be careful and not run around too much, to be with the teacher all the time. Hubby finally laughed at me and said maybe I should take the day off from work and follow his school bus, sit far away from the kids and keep a watch on him. I told him, I would rather go along in the school bus with him for which the hubby gave me a very stern look and said “Then Chutku will be with you-what school trip will he enjoy?” So, here I am, sitting at work and getting worked up about how he is doing and what he might be doing, what would he eat… To top it off, the weather too has turned gloomy and windy. Wish I were there to not let him get into that pool in this weather!

For all practical purposes, I know this trip would be an experience for him. He might not remember anything but for the moment he would’ve enjoyed. It would be very bad if I had stolen this opportunity from him, just because of my worries. But I can’t seem to stop worrying. 😦

My baby has grown up! He went on his first school trip alone today! Should I be awed, happy or sad?


3 thoughts on “My Reaction to Chutku’s school Trip

  1. It is normal to feel all the emotions at once so you don’t have to be either happy or sad.. you can be both and it is going to be wonderful for chutku 🙂

  2. My baby missed his first picnic because he was sick. But it was to be a trip where parents accompany the child. I guess they’re very cautious in Hong Kong and although there are short field trips, I doubt they would take on the responsibility of supervising many young kids in the water at the same time. And I must have become very Hong Kong too because I agree with that approach. Don’t know what I would have done in your case though. Probably would have caved and agreed.

    I’m sure Chutku will have fun. He seems to be an independent type.

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