Friday Fun- Latest on Chutku

> Its been quite sometime apart from the Kerala trip updates and his Birthday party post, I realised I havent put up a post on his growing up in quite sometime now.

He loves listening to songs-on TV or me singing or on the laptop. Recently I heard a kannada song that I hadnt heard in a long time. A Putta Krishna telling his mom that he didnt steal the butter. When I made hubby listen to it too, he said we should teach it to the little fellow. How do I do that? If I tell him to sit and learn-he will loose interest. So, I just googled it and put it on Youtube and sang along.
For 2 days in the evenings, then for the next 2 days- Chutku himself asked for the song in a loop, non-stop , from the time we got back from office until bedtime. Hubby was ready to close his ears by then…But the end result – Chutku now sings the song and it sounds so cute as-if he IS the kaLLa Krishna 🙂 (Dont roll your eyes now-I AM a smitten mommy).

Since Chutku goes to school in a private van with kids a little older than him, he seems to grab some words and conversations which surprise me and I feel he is still too small for it. One day, as soon as I came from work, he tells me “Shame shame amma”, I asked him why, he says “You are not wearing anything on your legs” and giggles. I show him my leg and tell him “Hey! I am wearing clothes!! Why are you saying that?” Then he tells me “I know, you are wearing leggings no amma? But it is not being seen.”* Then again he emphasises “you are wearing Leggings no amma” – he wanted me to acknowledge that he knew the word leggings. So I asked him where he heard that and he says Chinmayee heLidLu(said) 🙂

Some saturday, while I was keeping his clothes in order for the week, he came to me, made a very sorry face and stood there. I was pretty surprised-my kid and not talking?!! I asked him what happened and he says “I dont have any angry birds or Chota Bheem shirt-I also want”. I asked him what is Angry birds, he says I dont know, but everyone in the school van has Angry Birds shirt – they are all talking about it… Then I told him that he did have Chota Bheem shirt, not one but 2 and he can wear that to school the next time there is a color dress which seemed to convince him.

Another one on his current clothes fixation – Every evening as we come home and change into night wear,the little fellow also comes up and says “Dress Change”. Goes to his wardrobe, randomly picks up some nicely ironed shirt and some old shorts and begins to wear them. It gets my goat when I see him making a mess out of the neatly arranged clothes rack and the fact that he wants to wear a new shirt to bed. Also, he refuses to wear anything warm when its so cold. The other day, while he was pulling out clothes and dropping them to the floor, I walked up to him and told him sternly “Chutku, enough, you are already wearing warm clothes and that will be good enough for bed and you dont need to change clothes every night”. He lifts his head, gives me one long look and replies “Amma, I have never asked about your wardrobe and your clothes, this is my wardrobe and my clothes and I want to wear this to bed, why are you asking me?” Hmmm??!!! :-O While I thought about a response as I picked my dropped jaw off the floor, he happily picked up what ever he wanted and sauntered out. The hubby then stepped in and struck a bargain that he can wear whatever he wants to but before sleeping he needs to wear his hoodie and socks and there will be no arguements on that. He has now agreed. My son left me speechless…

* In my defense, I was wearing a beige color leggings…


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