Office Office

Do you remember there used to be a comedy serial like this? Well, if office can give fodder to an entire serial,I think it can definitely give me some fodder for a post!

Onsite travel is something most software engineers dream of as soon as they get their job offers.Likewise, I do have a lot of collegues who are all set and eagerly waiting for such opportunities. No, for that, I have no problem at all. I too have had such an opportunity and have learnt immensely from the experience. What bothers me is something entirely different.

The politics behind it. I have seen this happening in the other organisations and I see a lot of it happening around me here too. Thank God! Im not in any contention for any onsite travels, so I guess Im spared, and I try to stay away from it all too.

Someone I know always wanted an onsite oppotunity and got her papers ready-good for her. She found a guy who is also working abroad and got married recently – again, very good for her. She didnt want to quit as she already had the papers to work abroad – that actually makes sense for someone who is serious about their own career. I appreciate the fact that she just didnt give up everything and was ready to travel as her husband’s dependent like most people assumed she would. So, now she has been fighting to go onsite. She has had multiple discussions with the necessary bosses to ensure she gets her chance at the earliest. I actually have no issues with that-I have realised that in most corporate worlds, if we dont speak up for what we want-we just get pushed down to the bottom of the list-be it promotions/hikes/opportunities anything.

What actually bugs me – is the fact that she goes around telling that she is better than most other people who have got a chance to travel onsite before her. Saying that all they did was a presentation or a documentation or attended a meeting which anyone could’ve done. I understand her urgency to want to go abroad, her need for it, but that doesnt mean everyone else who has gone onsite is not upto the mark. That everyone else didnt do anything except walked up to the boss and asked to go onsite?!! Really? Is that all that’s required to go onsite on an assignment? There is something like a job description for every role and just anybody cannot be sent to such a role where the company’s name is at stake.

Now, she might get a chance to go sometime this year but someone else who has already gone there for the same job,is not very keen on wanting her there – reason – she is newly married and her hubby is in another city across the country and so she might not give it her best at the job but would want to take leaves and spend more time with him, thereby the pressure of completing the work would fall on this guy. That too, I feel is bad-how can anyone just come to a conclusion that someone wont work because they are newly married? Will the same rule apply to the man as well? Isnt that being a bias too?

So many of us, trying to get another job, so many of us currently fighting to atleast get a better hike, so many of us trying to push for promotion – All in a day’s work, I guess.


5 thoughts on “Office Office

  1. mostlymisfit

    Oh Man! Tell me about office politics. sucks big time. I have come to a conclusion that I can either be happy or ambitious. I am never going to be happy if I keep having big ambitions. And it would mean spending more time at work and dealing with the office pettiness and politics and bickering. Ugggh! I feel the time I spend is enough already. 😛

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