The Cochin Trip

This is my second post for today since I couldn’t post anything yesterday. For posterity, I will log this trip that the hubby and I took without the little one over the weekend.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, Hubby’s friend at work was getting married. Obviously, I know her too, so when we got the invite for her wedding in Cochin we decided to take a couple of days off and attend it. As the days progressed, we realized we couldn’t make a holiday out of this trip since we had work related issues – no leaves, lot of work etc; Hubby then told her that we wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding when she mentioned that the wedding was at a resort in Cochin and she had already booked the hotel rooms for all her guests-which included us! We felt really bad about that, spoke to the parents if they could take care of Chutku for the weekend so we could make a quick visit.

As soon as my parents agreed, we confirmed to her that we would be attending but wouldn’t be able to stay for long on sunday as we had to drive back the same day. She then told us that there was a party that she was hosting at the venue the previous evening and she would be happy if we could attend just that atleast.

So on Saturday, we started at 5:45am, joined by hubby’s friend and family and his ex-boss. At about 8:30am we reached Dharmapuri and stopped for an awesome, quick Idly-Vada breakfast from where I took the wheel. My first high-way driving and I had fun :-D. For about 2.5hrs and 100-120kms stretch.

Hubby’s boss and his friend’s wife (who was at the wheel of their car) both complimented that for someone who had begun to drive only 6 months back, I drove very well.That was my high for the whole trip 🙂 We reached Palakkad by 1:45pm and stopped at hubby’s friend’s home (his parents stay there)for lunch. We had awesome heavy lunch where his mom had taken so much care cooking and ensuring that there was no coconut oil in any of the veggie food, fish for the boss – everything! We ended up spending an hour and half at their place and only started to Cochin at 3:30pm.

A half hour into the drive and we got stuck in a bad traffic jam – something my Kerala friend had warned me about. What should’ve been a 3-3.5hrs drive took us 5hrs. We reached the venue at 8:30pm!

Tired and hungry and frustrated. Some running around to figure out the rooms until the bride herself had to come and ensure we all had rooms. She even told us that the party was about to end and that we needed to hurry! :-O All thoughts of resting and then ‘getting dressed’ (I had taken saree and makeup and everything else thinking I would have time to get dressed since Chutku was not around!) vanished while we quickly got ready and went to the party at 9pm. The fun then began… There was karoke, good red wine, good food, dancing…A glass of wine on an empty stomach made me a little unwound I think! The bride asked Hubby to sing Karoke and as he started with Pehla Nasha she pulled me on the stage to join him. I sang, sang karoke and did it horribly. When I listened to the recording I realised I had taken a pitch far lesser than the one hubby had started with and so it sounded horrendous. But still, I went up there on stage and sang, while my office friend (who does wedding candid photography and was invited to capture the wedding),hubby’s friend and boss watched – people I would meet in office again!:-O  We then had dinner while the dance music played. The bride again pulled all of us onto the grass -(Oh! Did I mention that this party was outdoors near the waterfront?) and we danced to hookah bar and lungi dance and fevicol se!! :-O Jeez… just thinking about these songs are making me feel creepy now, but then, when everyone was dancing it really didnt matter. The hubby and his friend danced like crazy-his wife and I thought they were too drunk! By the time the party wound-up it was past 11pm.

While everyone retired to  the rooms, hubby and I took a walk around the place. There was another wedding that evening at another lawn near the jetty at the same hotel which had all these white fairy lights and balls of light hanging from the tree branches, the round tables decorated with small tealights and white and peach roses, the jetty littered with confetti that was used to welcome that couple, the cool breeze off the waters and moon playing hide and seek with the clouds. PEACEFUL 15 mins walk. It actually relaxed us enough to feel sleepy and the fatigue of the long drive caught up with us by midnight.

The next morning was lazy too…Lazy enough that I decided to take a bubble bath JUST because there was a bubble bath soap and a tub… I need to add this to the *why me* series. I happily filled up a tub of water (sin, i now understand) and bubbles and as I got in felt that the water was a little hot.In about 5 mins the water began to irritate my skin and I ended up with red rashes! 😦 I never got to relax the way I imagined 😦 I quickly washed my skin with my own soap and applied double dose of moisturiser to soothen my skin. I wonder if it was the hot water and the soap or any one of them that my skin had to react that way. Anyway, since the hubby was still asleep I went for a short walk and realised that Breakfast was already being served. Came back woke everyone up (friends and boss too) asked them to hurry as there was a big crowd. Post breakfast, we spent sometime relaxing and walking around at the wedding venue that was getting decorated.Went back to the room, packed everything, wore saree and got ready for the 1/2 hr of wedding we were supposed to attend at 12noon. We had decided to leave by latest 1pm so we could reach Bangalore and home by midnight at least. So, we waited until the “mangalya dharaNa” happened and at 12:45 got back to the room to quickly change into travel clothes and checkout.

We were in the car and highway by 1:15pm and from there it was another long journey back. Thankfully, there wasnt any traffic or traffic jams on the way and reached home by 10:55pm with just1-15mins break post Coimbatore and 1-1/2hr break for dinner at 8. Chutku was waiting for us without sleeping as we had told him we would return. By the time we calmed him down and we all slept it was way past midnight again.

Whew! I have now decided no more such “quick” weekend trips. I was so exhausted and could feel my bottom expanding with all that sitting in the car!

2 new rules for our trips from now on:

a. Chutku comes with us on all trips – short/long/quick – we miss him and he misses us like crazy.
b. Long drives to far off cities for just a weekend-banned – we will look at other options like overnight buses or trains.


4 thoughts on “The Cochin Trip

      1. Awesome… what a venue for the wedding…almost like an island in the middle of sea! 🙂
        Yep kerala is generally hot n humid weather. Dec-Jan should be relatively better actually…

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