A Very Long Day today…

Been a very long day today with full of meetings and lots of work otherwise. Being a thursday I decided to manage the day with just fruits and milk and now my head is hurting now.

The husband has been having a boil on his lowerlip for nearly 4 weeks now which we thought was a heat boil all these days and finally when it refused to respond to medication, came to a skin specialist. Unfortunately it turned out to be something bigger and he is currently in casualty undergoing some cauterisation procedure under local anesthesia and im waiting for it to end so i can take him back home.

Updated 15mins later: Ah! Finally… Its done and looks like all is well. I just hope he gets back to normal soon…we have a quick trip to cochin over the weekend too to attend his friend’s wedding….

I am unable to write anything else right now… Need to go pay the hospital fees now. You all have a good night people… Stay safe and mostly stay healthy…


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